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Beware the Asthma Spike

Much work is being done to educate North Americans about controlling asthma, and hospital admissions are down. But what remains consistently unimproved is the so-called asthma spike – the day on which many parents will show up at the hospital with school-age children in the throes of asthma attacks. Using data accumulated since 1990, scientists […]

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Anaphylaxis in the Skies – without your auto-injector

From the Spring 2010 edition of Allergic Living magazine. A recent study finds that one in three people reacting to peanuts and tree nuts aboard an aircraft are experiencing anaphylaxis, the most serious form of allergic reaction. Of particular concern to researchers from the University of Michigan division of allergy & clinical immunology and the […]

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Chatelaine vs. Food Allergies

With many years in the publishing industry, I thought I’d seen it all when it comes to negative or one-sided reporting. Then I read a story in the December 2009 issue of Canada’s Chatelaine magazine entitled, “It’s Just Nuts.” This one made my jaw drop. The article is at once breathtaking in its cynicism about […]

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Reduce-the-Risk Airlines Campaign: An Update

Dear Friends, First – to all of you who took part in Allergic Living’s “Reduce the Risk” airlines campaign, thank you for the support. We had a remarkable outpouring of response; over 1,000 personalized copies of Allergic Living’s form letter were couriered to the CEOs of both Air Canada and WestJet. Through the CEOs’ representatives, […]

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Questions on The Peanut Kiss Girl

Following was the Editor’s Note from the Summer 2006 edition of Allergic Living. Christina Desforges became known the world over as the girl who died from kissing her boyfriend who had eaten peanut butter – specifically, nine hours before she collapsed, he’d had two pieces of toast spread with peanut butter. Allergic Living was the […]

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Death of a Child

The following article was first published in the Victoria Times-Colonist of British Columbia on April 16, 2007 Thirteen-year-olds aren’t meant to have obituaries. The recent one for Carley Kohnen read that “she passed away tragically at Summit Park, Victoria.” Carley, who was allergic to dairy products and peanuts, attended Lansdowne Middle School. The bubbly teen […]

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Fear by the Plateful

There’s some absorbing and provocative reading in Allergic Living’s new Spring 2007 issue. A good way, we thought, to kick off a new publishing season. In the article “Fear of Food,” we start with an issue that some of you living with food allergies will recognize: the sudden fear of even “safe” foods. It’s a […]

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Juggling Job and Allergies

Writer Janet French could relate to the anecdotes of the allergic employees she interviewed for “On the Job With Allergies” in our new Winter issue. Janet works in a newsroom – a literal hive of activity, where reporters often grab a bite to eat on the run between interviews and media conferences. She is allergic […]

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