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Jennifer and Louis in Bakery 2

Jennifer Esposito’s Incredible Journey with Celiac Disease

We’ve seen her acting chops in many roles – from the movie Crash to the TV shows Blue Bloods and the former Spin City. But now we’re getting to know Jennifer Esposito in close-up, as a member of the celiac disease community. After many years of doctor visits and symptoms from stomachaches to frightening panic […]

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Finding Food Allergy Hope: Q&A with Natalie Giorgi’s Parents

Natalie Giorgi Posted July 2014 – A year ago this month, Natalie Giorgi tragically died of an anaphylactic reaction to peanut. Her family and friends have been devastated – and her death caused an outpouring of sympathy in the food allergy community across North America. Everyone with a child at risk of anaphylaxis could relate […]

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The Gluten-Free Diet Deserves Respect

June 2014 – By now, we likely all know someone who has taken up the gluten-free diet just to “feel better” or “lose weight”, or for various unspecified reasons. This is baffling to those with celiac disease or food allergies or gluten sensitivity. When you live with food restrictions or else – you really don’t relate to food fads. I […]

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Asthma & Yoga

The Verdict on Yoga for Asthma

Asthma and yoga may seem like a match made in heaven: one is a disease that causes inflammation and constricts airflow; the other is a physical discipline that employs deep, serene breathing. But does this mean regular yoga will help to reduce asthma symptoms?

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kristen Ch.

Broadway Star Kristin Chenoweth on Her Asthma

Allergic Living Editor Gwen Smith interviews Kristin Chenoweth, the actress, TV star and broadway singer about her new advocating role with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America’s “Know Your Count” campaign to promote asthma awareness.

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American Idol’s Peanut Allergy Gaffe

American Idol lets singer speak of pranking a peanut-allergic fellow contestant – as a “joke”.

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Those Who Outgrow Food Allergy Can Risk EoE

A small proportion of children who outgrow a food allergy may later develop EoE to that same food

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Herbs and OIT Prove an Effective Food Allergy Combo

Dr. Xiu-Min Li finds more success with her Chinese herbal formula to treat food allergy

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Study Mixing OIT and Xolair Sees Big Drop in Side Effects

A study finds fewer reactions and increased speed in OIT for milk allergy while using the medication omalizumab.

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High Success Rate in Peanut OIT Study

After six months of treatment, more than 80 percent of the children taking the therapy were able to eat at least five peanuts a day

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