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The Safe Way to Clean Your House with Allergies, Asthma

Don’t be fooled by cool containers, fresh scents and disinfecting muscle. Here’s how to clean – without polluting your air. For many people with allergies and asthma, regular cleaning can help keep symptoms at bay; and there’s nothing quite like giving your home a thorough once-over. But depending on what products you use, that sheen […]

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Lessons From a Teen Food Allergy Tragedy

Thirteen-year-old Natalie Giorgi was camping with a group of families in Sacramento, California on July 27, 2013 when she ate a single bite of a Rice Krispies square. The peanut-allergic teen thought it tasted “funny”, and spat it out. The taste turned out to be peanut butter. At first Natalie didn’t show any symptoms and […]

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What Causes Your Reaction to Alcohol?

Asthma. For some, even a sip or two of wine can make their airways tighten and inflamed – and a common trigger is sulfites, added to wines as a preservative. (Contrary to popular belief, white wines usually have more sulfites than reds.) Even the wines labeled “sulfite-free” usually contain small amounts of the substance because […]

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Scientist Discovers Big Clue in Wine Reactions

Glycoproteins, which have similarities to big allergens like latex, ragweed and kiwi, may be the key culprit behind wine allergies.

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Prison Allergy Death Sparks Investigation

Update January 2013: Many Allergic Living readers expressed concern about the death in prison of Michael Saffioti, a Washington State man with severe dairy allergy and asthma. In early January, the Snohomish County Prosecutor made the decision not to lay any charges, based on a 400-page report compiled by the County Sherriff’s Office. The report […]

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home-SS Kitchen Reno

Advice for an Allergy-Friendly, Non-Toxic Kitchen Renovation

It’s time for a change – and a new kitchen can be a great way to give your home a serious spring spruce-up, and make it healthier, too. But if you or someone in your family has allergies and asthma, there are important steps you need to take.

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Tips for Traveling with Allergic Kids

Wash hands often. When you’re out exploring, make sure your child washes his or her hands regularly – especially before eating. Bring favorite foods. When traveling, it’s easy for allergic kids to feel left out. Make sure to bring plenty of their favorite treats so they feel like they’re getting the royal holiday treatment too. […]

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Allergy Moms on Quality of Life

We asked parents on Allergic Living‘s Facebook page how their child’s allergies have affected their quality of life – for better and for worse. Some of the answers appear in the Summer 2011 issue of Allergic Living magazine. Here are the rest of them. – No food can be called “convenient” anymore. My life is […]

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To the Alarm of the Allergic, Pets are Back in the Cabin

It was shortly after takeoff when Joanne Silver began to feel like she couldn’t breathe. The Ontario woman was on a WestJet flight to Saskatoon to visit family, her three kids seated behind her, when her eyes began to swell and she felt her airways tightening. Silver has had asthma most of her life, but […]

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Our Travel Guide: The Essential Check List

The Check List Medications including asthma inhalers, antihistamines and Auto-injector Safe Food Note from your doctor saying that you require an Auto-injector if you’re flying or crossing the border

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