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The rigor of the gluten-free diet can lead to high levels of stress and frustration. Photo: Getty

The Burden of a Gluten-Free Diet

A strict gluten-free regimen is the prescription for celiac disease. But following one proves almost as stressful as kidney dialysis.

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Dating Eating Out

Dating with Food Allergies 101

For your own health, you can’t be shy about your food allergies or gluten sensitivity. Allergic Living helps you broach the topic, right from the first date. DATE GEAR Always carry emergency medications in a purse or a ‘man bag,’ including at least one epinephrine auto-injector (though preferably two), and some Zyrtec [Reactine] or Benadryl. Always […]

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non gut celiac symptoms

When Celiac Disease is Not All in the Gut

The fainting began in high school. Vanessa Oakley would be watching TV or studying – and then, she’d get to her feet and wake up on the floor. She would tell herself “I got up too fast,” or, “maybe I need to eat something.” She was too shy and reserved to ask for help and […]

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Silvester_Jocelyn (1) (Copy)

Newly Diagnosed Celiac Patients Getting Glutened

Sixty-six percent of patients had symptoms and dining out was a risk factor.

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15 Big Celiac Questions Resolved: From Symptoms to Gluten-Free Diet Issues

3 experts weigh in on our readers’ celiac questions.

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One Man’s Stand for Gluten-Free Drugs

Michael Weber was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2004, and immediately adopted the gluten-free diet to protect his health. But after taking a prescribed generic drug for only a few days, the resident of Eastchester, New York, was distressed to find he was again developing symptoms, such as the dermatitis herpetiformis skin rash he’d had before the condition was discovered. It turned out that […]

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Steve Newmaster

From Allergens to Gluten, What’s In That Herbal Remedy?

Scientist was surprised to find ‘cheap fillers,’ including gluten and soybean.

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Gluten In Our Medications and Pills: Sorting Through the Confusion

How real are the concerns, what do you need to watch for, and will there ever be clear labeling?

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Stalk of Wheat with Silo in Background

Program to Curtail Unwanted Gluten

CCA takes aim at gluten cross-contact during shipping and processing of gluten-free foods.

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Cat Allergy Therapy Fails in Crucial Study

Much-heralded cat allergy vaccine fails in crucial study.

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