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Accidental Allergy Exposure: From Fear to First Injection and Big Life Lessons

How a sister’s quick thinking saved the day.

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Nickel Allergy - Laptop

Nickel Allergy: A Rash on the Digital Age

Our embrace of wireless gadgets and modern medical implants is exposing us to nickel, the highly sensitizing metal, as never before.

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Save Your Marriage from Food Allergy Stress

Food allergy stress takes a toll on relationships.

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Family Food Feud: Relatives and Allergies

When relatives don’t “get” your allergies, it’s a recipe for quarrels and broken bonds.

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Nickel’s Nasty Prickle

How this lowly metal drives millions of North Americans into a frenzy of itching. SCRATCH, scratch, scratch. It’s a sticky summer evening and I’m absently rubbing some tiny red bumps under the clasp of my watch. Poison ivy, perhaps? I apply calamine lotion and think no more of it until I notice the same rash […]

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Caution relatives ahead illustration by Isabelle Arsenault

Caution, Relatives Ahead

From the Allergic Living archives. First published in 2006. IT WASN’T the high point of Christmas 2003. During an afternoon party for friends and family at her in-laws’ home, Linda Wagner of Regina made repeated efforts to keep some distance between her tree-nut allergic son, then 4 years old, and the gourmet nuts brought as […]

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