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Novel Dissolving Pills to Treat Grass Allergy Approved

The FDA has approved two exciting new treatments for grass allergy sufferers.

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Protein Holds Promise of Relief from Gluten Symptoms

Researchers recently discovered how a cetain protein could help in managing celiac disease.

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2 States Progress on Stock Epinephrine at School

Various state legislatures recently made advances in their “stock epinephrine” bills

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Surprising Survey on School Nut Strategies

Parents whose children do not have food allergies are more likely to support school-wide food restrictions

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FDA Approves New Treatment for Chronic Hives

In trials, Xolair has proved a life-changing treatment for adults with chronic hives.

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“Ryan’s Law” Aims to Protect Asthmatic Students

An Ontario law would provide staff training and allow kids with asthma to carry inhalers.

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Can Soy, Peas & Flax Ease Asthma & Allergies?

Estrogen-like chemicals found in some plants, could play a role in preventing or even treating allergies and asthma

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School Aide Suspended due to Alarming Allergy Incident

A school aide at Holiday Hill Elementary in Jacksonville, Florida was suspended for an in-class reaction

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New Device Sits in Nose to Block Hay Fever

Researchers from Denmark have developed a device that can help “block” hay fever symptoms.

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Pivotal Findings Boost New Liquid Ragweed Treatment

A new treatment for ragweed allergy saw symptoms and medication use reduced by 43 percent

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