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Feeding our G-F Baby

From the Allergic Living archives. Long before our daughter was born, we dreamed of feeding her. After we finally brought her home, we introduced her to rosemary just clipped from the bush, vanilla bean, and balsamic vinegar. No, we weren’t giving food to a 2-week-old baby. We were putting it under her nose, encouraging her […]

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Falling in Love with Food

After years of physical suffering and not knowing what was wrong with me, I had been ecstatic to find the food that loved me back. Blessed with a website that helped people, as well as a new career in food writing, I had found my life in food. And then, almost a year to the […]

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The Hunger To Change Food Service

At the end of our honeymoon in the Italian countryside, my husband Danny and I were filled with contentment. The days had been languid and gorgeous, with our laughter echoing off surrounding hillsides. And the meals? In the land of pizza and pasta, I ate free of gluten without any trouble, day after day. People […]

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Celiac Disease and Fertility

A few years ago, I had started to doubt whether I’d ever have a child. I wanted to, fervently. There were only two problems: I had not yet met the man with whom I wanted to raise a child, and my entire reproductive system seemed to be in an uproar. Like many undiagnosed celiacs, I’d […]

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Ask the Allergist Archive

Q My daughter has an extreme allergy to tree nuts, and now there are so many soaps and lotions out there with shea nuts or shea nut butter or oil. I have never heard of this “nut” before. Is it a true nut? If it is, am I right to assume that my daughter should avoid […]

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Peanut Allergy Rises in Montreal School Kids

Yet-to-be released research on Montreal schoolchildren shows the incidence of peanut allergy has increased – to almost 2 per cent of pupils. This makes it the highest such prevalence ever measured. The findings are early results of the second phase in a study of peanut allergy incidence in pupils in kindergarten up to Grade 3 […]

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News Report: Food Label Update

Comments Reviewed on Food Label Regulations Health Canada received more than 140 comments from consumers, allergy groups and manufacturers in regard to the proposed regulations for food allergen labeling. Dr. Antony Ham Pong, an Ottawa allergist who has been pushing for new rules for more than a decade, says he alone sent eight pages of […]

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News Report: Asthma Cycling Hero

Cycling Challenge: “Hardest Thing I’ve Ever Done” We think Pepper Couelle-Sterling is an inspiration to all asthmatics who ever sat on the sidelines because of their asthma. At 49, she recently completed the challenging TransRockies mountain bike race: seven days of biking seven or eight hours a day, for a total of 600 kilometres (373 […]

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News – AAAAI Tips on Hosting the Allergic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE November 12, 2008 Guess who’s coming to dinner: Hosting guests with allergies and asthma Media release from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology MILWAUKEE – This holiday season, many Americans will host gatherings with family and friends. Millions will have guests with allergy or asthma concerns. One in six Americans […]

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News – 2007

Allergy News – 2007 Labels Will Now Show ‘Hidden’ Allergens New regulations governing food labeling of allergens in Canada have been oft-delayed, but Health Canada finally has good news on that file. The department has announced interim guidelines to food manufacturers that end exemptions for undeclared, “hidden ingredients” in packaged foods. So when a seasoning, […]

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