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Gina Clowes

Flying With Allergies

By Gina Clowes

When a child has food allergies, traveling by air can be nerve-racking, yet it’s often the only way for our children to visit grandparents, go on family vacations, and see the world. With a little work, even families with allergies can find friendly skies. Planning the Trip • Talk to your child’s allergist about any …

Gwen Smith

WestJet Steps Up to the Mike

By Gwen Smith

Dec. 2010 – Hallelujah, we’ve been heard. If you ask a flight attendant on WestJet, Canada’s second largest airline, she or he will step to the microphone and ask fellow passengers to please not pull out nut or peanut snacks. The attendant will briefly explain that this is because there is a person onboard with …

Laurie Harada

Travel Abroad: Possible After All

By Laurie Harada

They say that music is a universal language. In many ways, so is food. No matter where you travel, people show pride in their heritage and express their emotions through food. As world travelers, my husband, Victor, and I want to expose our children to different cultures. Both of us have worked abroad – he …

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