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Guest Column

Chatelaine Rebuttal

I’m a longtime reader of Chatelaine magazine, and always liked that its name, in French, means a trusted female charged with keeping all in her care safe and protected. She’s the so-called “keeper of the keys.” But in its December issue, Chatelaine turned her back on a small but important group of her youngest citizens. In an […]

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Sabrina’s Law Turns Five

  I am very proud, honoured and humbled by the success of Sabrina’s Law at the 5th anniversary of its passage in Ontario. We live in a good world where something like Sabrina’s Law comes out of such tragedy. It is truly remarkable. I feel Sabrina is proud of the law that’s named after her […]

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Airlines: The Great Snack Debate

No one should have to go through what my two kids and I have just gone through. We’re the people you may have heard about in the news. On February 15, we got tossed off a Mexicana Airlines flight simply because I’d asked that the attendants not serve peanuts. I’m at risk of anaphylaxis to […]

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Use the Darn Needle

If I’d written this a year ago, my perspective might have been a little different than it is today. Our son Kevin is 11-years-old and severely allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. We used epinephrine on him only once in those 11 years, and were very proud of our track record, especially with his list […]

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Reader’s Story: The Family Vacation

By Kimberly Burger Capozzi My mother always used to say that the best thing about going on vacation was coming home, but I never understood that until my family took our first trip since learning of our son’s severe allergy to peanut. Never have I been so happy to see my own kitchen floor. It’s […]

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Dairy is a Life Changer

(The following column first appeared in the Barrhaven Independent, an online publication based in the suburb of Barrhaven in Ottawa, Ontario. Karen Eck wrote it as a response to an editorial the Independent published criticizing strategies used by one particular local school for dealing with severe dairy allergies.) I am the leader of the Ottawa […]

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Reader’s Story: I’m the Girl with Multiple Food Allergies

I’m only 11 years old, but already I’ve dealt with a lot. I am allergic to nuts, fish, shellfish, all legumes, bananas and spinach. I’m also allergic to many antibiotics, and have environmental allergies, asthma, eczema, and exercise- and heat-induced reactions. Life hasn’t been easy, and I’ve ridden twice in an ambulance. But I’ve also […]

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