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Celiac Disease

Symptoms: The Full Gamut

The symptoms of celiac disease can involve multiple organs and range widely in both severity and type. Besides the usual symptomatic suspects – digestive problems such as bloating, diarrhea or constipation – they can include hair loss, mouth sores and itchy, even painful skin rashes, usually around the joints. An individual with celiac may have […]

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Food Label Awareness: Celiac Disease

Reading labels is a way of life when you have celiac disease. Before eating anything in a package, be sure to read the label carefully. Look for hidden sources of gluten and for other names, such as food starch, seasoning and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. Also be on the lookout for precautionary statements. These are statements […]

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Celiac Disease and C-Sections

Scientists find link between babies born by caesarean section and the development of celiac disease. The link is unique to celiac and not to other inflammatory bowel diseases.

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Celiac Vaccine Aims to Desensitize

A study author says a vaccine is in the works to desensitize celiac patients. The treatment might allow patients to ingest gluten without doing damage to their intestines.

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Toward a Cure for Celiac Disease

From a vaccine to a pill to a wheat sheaf without gluten, Allergic Living explores the exciting research treatment around the world. Building Tolerance Dr. Bob Anderson, a gastroenterologist in Melbourne, Australia, is heading the research on a celiac vaccine. His work focuses on desensitizing patients by injecting them with gluten peptides, amino acids that […]

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Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Cake

A nine-tier piece of art that also happened to be gluten-free! Who says having celiac disease means you need to compromise on life’s important moments?

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CBC Radio’s Shelagh Rogers on Going Gluten-Free

Even when she’s not in front of a microphone, Shelagh Rogers is exactly the woman you hear hosting on CBC Radio One program: smart, witty, kind-hearted, and deeply passionate about Canadians. But with her work comes a lot of travel and socializing. And as she tells journalist Jennifer Van Evra, that’s tricky for Rogers, as […]

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feature-hp.gluten-free woman

Learning to Cope Gluten-Free

Three women share their stories of adapting to the GF diet.

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Celiac Disease: Fertility’s Thief

The View’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck learned that celiac disease was the culprit thwarting her attempts to get pregnant. She’s by no means alone. From the Fall 2009 edition of Allergic Living magazine. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is used to getting what she goes for. “I came of the mentality that if you work hard for something, you have […]

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Summer Camp – with Allergies (USA)

U.S. – Food Allergy, Celiac Camps Gluten Intolerance Group Summer Camps The volunteers and staff of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG) professionally support children with gluten intolerance or celiac disease. GIG dietitians work with volunteers to prepare meals in a separate kitchen to assure kids get nutritious gluten-free meals and snacks. GIG kitchen staff can accommodate most […]

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