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6 Top Tips for Keeping Allergens in Control in Your Kitchen

Should food allergens should be allowed into a home when a family member is food-allergic?

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Two nordic walkers

Red Meat Allergy: Incidence on Rise, Therapy in Works

It’s an unusual condition that has only been recognized for less than a decade: red meat allergy. The allergy develops after a bite from a Lone Star tick triggers a person’s immune system to begin producing IgE antibodies to alpha-gal, a sugar found in meat such as beef, lamb, venison and pork. It can be […]

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Food Studies Diverge on Need for Skin Testing in Siblings of Allergic Kids

Studies differ on whether to test siblings of kids with food allergy – before introducing an allergenic food.

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Fresh raised donuts from the local bakery shop.

Special Report: What Sparked the Peanut-Tainted Flour Recalls?

From growing to transportation to handling, an investigation into how peanut wound up in flour

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$10 million in Funding for New Allergy Research Institute

First steps to investigate biological mechanisms underlying food allergies

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Letter To An Allergic Teenager – From One Who’s Been There

As one who remembers the teen years well, Allie Bahn has a must-read letter to all allergic teens.

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Alex Thomas 11

OIT Gets Ready for Prime Time

Peanut oral immunotherapy in a capsule is close to approval, bringing hope — not of a cure — but of lives lived with less vulnerability. FOR MORE than seven years, Alex lived like most kids with peanut allergies: he strictly avoided the legumes. His mom, Sarah Thomas, read food labels, grilled restaurant staff, and sent safe cupcakes for Alex […]

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Oral Allergy Syndrome: Why Raw Fruit Can Make the Mouth Itchy

Ah, the season of fresh peaches, tomatoes, melons and more. Unless, that is, you live with oral allergy syndrome. Here are expert insights into the condition you’re just itching to control. SUMMER is my favorite time of year. Nothing gives me that sense of reckless abandon like running barefoot through green grass and feeling the heat of the sun on my skin. And who doesn’t look forward to […]

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College Year One: Success With a Side of Food Allergy ‘Jokes’

Year one of living on my own with food allergies = complete!

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Theater Discrimination Decision Seen as “Wake-up Call” on Allergy as Disability

The U.S. Department of Justice has found that a theater company violated a food-allergic boy’s rights.

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