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Dr. Virginia Stallings

Report Recognizes Food Allergy as Health Priority, Urges Wide Epi Access, Better Labeling and Data

Sweeping report calls on FDA, CDC and other agencies to develop food allergy guidelines and expand training.

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Study Finds Rate of Anaphylaxis Soared Over a Decade

Severe reactions to foods among kids climbed by 285 percent.

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Peanut Patch Shows Progress in Kids in One-Year Findings

Almost half of youngsters could consume 10 times more peanut than at start of study.

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Colleges Lack Food Allergy Support Beyond the Dining Hall

Study finds families having to educate all – from professors to librarians, coaches and servers.

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John Gordon and colleague Wojciech Dawicki.

Cell Therapy Seen as Potential Food Allergy, Asthma Cure

Novel technique reduced anaphylaxis by 90 percent in food-allergic mice.

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Annie LeGere’s Tragedy Leads to Police Stock Epi Initiative

It was slumber a party meant to celebrate th end of summer and beginning of the eight grade. But things took a tragic turn that night of August 2015 when Annie LeGere, who had environmental allergies but no known food allergies, went into anaphylaxis. Her friends called 911 and a police officer was on the scene when her mom, Shelly, arrived at […]

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21 Resources for Teens With Food Allergies

By Teens, for Teens Allergy Alli – Allison Davin is an expressive girl with a lot to share. Her posts with stories, tips, recipes and pictures provide amazing outreach to other food allergic teens. Eat Without Gluten – Sema Dibooglu is all about food, good gluten-free food, on her blog that focuses on recipes, product […]

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Olympian Fencer Aldo Montano: En Garde for Dairy

One of the most exciting competitions at the Rio Summer Games will be fencing, and Italy’s Aldo Montano has long been one of the top contenders in the sabre category. The intense 37-year-old is the third-generation of his family to compete in this sport at the Olympic level, and he’s already succeeded in winning four medals. […]

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Waiter Arrested After Diner Suffers Near-Fatal Allergic Reaction

A waiter could be facing criminal charges after a man suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction to seafood at a restaurant.

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Malcolm Sears

$74 Million AllerGen Network Aims to Press Ahead with Research

A 10-year Canadian research effort confirmed to receive government funding until 2019.

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