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Food Allergy

Halloween 2015: Awesome Food-Free Loot Bag Ideas

Since the arrival of FARE’s sensationally popular Teal Pumpkin Project, food-allergic children can trick or treat with less fear at houses decorated with teal-colored pumpkins, which indicate that allergy-friendly loot is being offered. Here are Allergic Living’s top picks of candy alternatives to include – either in your bowl of goodies or as valued toy to […]

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Food Allergy Bloggers Conference Brings Together Experts, Caregivers

The Food Allergy Bloggers Conference is in Denver from Nov. 13 to 15, a chance to build relationships, face to face.

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Beyond the Eye Roll and Tune Out: How to Talk to Teens About Food Allergies

With three recent deaths from anaphylaxis, the topic of teenagers and food allergies are top of mind in our allergy community. Many are questioning how we reach teenagers about the need for constant vigilance about food precautions and carrying epinephrine, yet not make them fearful of life. We asked Laura Bantock, director of Food Allergy Canada’s […]

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simon katz

Teen Dies of Suspected Anaphylaxis After Eating Peanut Snack at School Bonfire

Simon Katz, 16, of Littleton, Colorado had been celebrating homecoming.

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Nutty Labels: Investigating Starbucks’ ‘Toffee Nut’ Drinks

We investigated Starbucks’ seasonal beverages, finding that what’s called a nut isn’t always made from nuts

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Caramel Apples Recalled Due to Label Omitting Peanuts

An Ohio-based company has partially recalled its caramel apple products after mislabeling was discovered

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Demand for Sesame to Be Added to Top Allergens List Gets Louder

The demand that sesame be required by federal law to be labeled on food products is gaining traction amid the release of a new report

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welcome Amarria

Lawsuits in Amarria Johnson Peanut Allergy Death are Settled

Two lawsuits filed by the mother of Amarria Johnson, the 7-year-old Virginia girl who died from eating a single peanut at school recess, appear to have been settled as of September 2015. Amarria’s mother, Laura Pendleton, had filed a wrongful death suit against Chesterfield County, Virginia, where the school her daughter attended is located, and […]

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Hospital Emergency Visits for Anaphylaxis Double in Canada

Spike of 95% seen for severe reactions over a 7-year period, with teen rates the highest.

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Halloween 2015: Can Teal Pumpkins Rival the Orange?

In October 2014, Allergic Living declared in a headline that “Teal is the New Orange” (at least in pumpkins), and our sense of a bewitching trend proved right on target. The Teal Pumpkin Project, sponsored and led by the non-profit FARE, took off last fall as thousands of parents and kids across the United States […]

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