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Food Allergy
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Red Meat Allergy: Incidence on Rise, Therapy in Works

It’s an unusual condition that has only been recognized for less than a decade: red meat allergy. The allergy develops after a bite from a Lone Star tick triggers a person’s immune system to begin producing IgE antibodies to alpha-gal, a sugar found in meat such as beef, lamb, venison and pork. It can be […]

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Food Studies Diverge on Need for Skin Testing in Siblings of Allergic Kids

Studies differ on whether to test siblings of kids with food allergy – before introducing an allergenic food.

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Fresh raised donuts from the local bakery shop.

Special Report: What Sparked the Peanut-Tainted Flour Recalls?

From growing to transportation to handling, an investigation into how peanut wound up in flour

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$10 million in Funding for New Allergy Research Institute

First steps to investigate biological mechanisms underlying food allergies

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Alex Thomas 11

OIT Gets Ready for Prime Time

Peanut oral immunotherapy in a capsule is close to approval, bringing hope — not of a cure — but of lives lived with less vulnerability. FOR MORE than seven years, Alex lived like most kids with peanut allergies: he strictly avoided the legumes. His mom, Sarah Thomas, read food labels, grilled restaurant staff, and sent safe cupcakes for Alex […]

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Oral Allergy Syndrome: Why Raw Fruit Can Make the Mouth Itchy

In the season of peaches, tomatoes, melons and more, our writer with oral allergy syndrome digs into the condition that she – and so many others – are itching to control. Included are big questions such as: Why do I react to some but not all pollen-related foods?

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College Year One: Success With a Side of Food Allergy ‘Jokes’

Year one of living on my own with food allergies = complete!

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Mason and Sam Together

Theater Discrimination Decision Seen as “Wake-up Call” on Allergy as Disability

The U.S. Department of Justice has found that a theater company violated a food-allergic boy’s rights.

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Fighting Allergy, Celiac at the Nano Level

Goal is for the nanoparticle and its cargo to fool your immune system into not responding, says microbiologist.

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Restaurant Owner’s Jailing Sets Precedent, Showing “Duty of Care” to Allergic Customers

Allergic Living speaks to U.K. detective and prosecutor on allergy manslaughter case.

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