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Food Allergy

Teens Speak Up About Averting Food Allergy Tragedies

We sought out the teenage perspective on staying safe with food allergies.

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Cell Discovery May Answer Who’s at Risk of Severe Allergic Reaction

A cell that produces an inflammatory immune protein may amplify anaphylaxis.

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Peanut Patch Builds Tolerance Better Over Longer Period: Study

In children, Viaskin Peanut built more allergen tolerance when used over two years.

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Halloween 2015: Food Allergy-Friendly Candies and Other Treats

Boo! There’s nothing like a fright on Halloween night, but no child should have to be afraid of what’s lurking in their chocolates, candies and other goodies. For those handing out food treats this year, here are our top picks of allergy-friendly and gluten-free candies – to keep your little monsters safe. Get ready for a […]

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Allergic Living’s DIY Teal Wizard and Witch Costume

Everybody’s getting into the spirit of FARE’s Teal Pumpkin Project for Halloween. So at Allergic Living, we add to the fun – by giving a couple of classic costumes a food allergy-inspired twist. With a dash of creativity and a few pinches of teal, you too can create a one-of-kind witch or wizard costume. Just follow the easy steps below. […]

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North Carolina Teenager Dies from Food Allergy Reaction

Food allergy tragedy has struck a young person again. Morgan Elizabeth Crutchfield, 17, has died.

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Halloween 2015: Awesome Food-Free Loot Bag Ideas

Since the arrival of FARE’s sensationally popular Teal Pumpkin Project, food-allergic children can trick or treat with less fear at houses decorated with teal-colored pumpkins, which indicate that allergy-friendly loot is being offered. Here are Allergic Living’s top picks of candy alternatives to include – either in your bowl of goodies or as valued toy to […]

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Food Allergy Bloggers Conference Brings Together Experts, Caregivers

The Food Allergy Bloggers Conference is in Denver from Nov. 13 to 15, a chance to build relationships, face to face.

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Beyond the Eye Roll and Tune Out: How to Talk to Teens About Food Allergies

With three recent deaths from anaphylaxis, the topic of teenagers and food allergies are top of mind in our allergy community. Many are questioning how we reach teenagers about the need for constant vigilance about food precautions and carrying epinephrine, yet not make them fearful of life. We asked Laura Bantock, director of Food Allergy Canada’s […]

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Nutty Labels: Investigating Starbucks’ ‘Toffee Nut’ Drinks

We investigated Starbucks’ seasonal beverages, finding that what’s called a nut isn’t always made from nuts

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