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Allergic Living Magazine Examines Controversial Debate Over Milk Allergy in Schools

The publication’s Spring 2014 cover story, “Milk in the School,” Allergic Living magazine investigates the challenge of dealing with the most misunderstood food allergen in the educational system. April 9, 2014 – Sending a child to school with a life-threatening food allergy is always worrisome, but when it’s an allergy to milk and dairy products, […]

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Allergic Living Announces New Senior Editor and 2013 Advances

Magazine bolsters editorial strength and tackles the tough social challenges facing those with food allergies and celiac disease.

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Nanny Jo Frost in Allergic Living Summer 2012 Issue

You know her best as Nanny Jo on the former “Supernanny” TV show. But few have realized that while rescuing parents from toddlers gone wild, the world’s top nanny was having to do her own strict daily managing – of food, pet and environmental allergies. In the Summer 2012 issue of Allergic Living, Frost tells […]

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Allergies, Celiac, Asthma: This Site’s Got It All

Sept. 27, 2010 Allergic Living magazine proudly announces the complete rebuild of its website The new site becomes a leading, one-stop, comprehensive resource for those living with food allergies, celiac disease, asthma and environmental allergies. “This is no mere cosmetic renovation,” Gwen Smith, Allergic Living’s editor and content director, says of “We made […]

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Future of Allergies Special

Allergic Living Special Collector’s Issue: For Those With Allergies, A Therapy Revolution Is Coming TORONTO, April 14, 2010 – In its 5th Anniversary issue, Allergic Living magazine looks 10 years ahead in a 20-page special section: “The Future of Allergies.” From the front lines of research into food allergy, celiac disease and environmental allergies, Allergic […]

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Allergic Living Hits 5th Year Milestone

Unique Strategy and Reader Relations Propel Allergic Living to 5th Anniversary TORONTO, April 14, 2010 – Print is dead, right?  Wrong, print is different. It was by developing a unique model for magazine publishing that Allergic Living magazine has attained the almost unthinkable today: it is a thriving independent publication, celebrating its 5th anniversary. In a landscape […]

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Planet Allergy: Climate Change Fuels Allergies

TORONTO – June 17, 2009: Allergic Living magazine reveals the startling relationship between our warming Earth and the global epidemic of allergies and asthma in its new cover story: Planet Allergy, on newsstands this week. It holds a magnifying glass to an alarming increase in wasp sting reactions, the spread of highly allergenic weeds, toxic mould […]

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Food Allergy Backlash

“Gross over-reaction” or fundamental health and safety issue? TORONTO – April 7, 2009 – How far should our schools go to protect the health and safety of our children? This is the great debate that Allergic Living magazine raises in its Spring ’09 cover story: “Backlash Boards the Bus.” When medical sociologist Dr. Nicholas Christakis heard that […]

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