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Reviews: Allergy-Friendly Children’s Books

Published in 2014 My Immune System Needs Glasses  By Michelle Nel Allergygator Publishing, $15.99 Allergy mom and author Michelle Nel tackles the herculean task of explaining, in rhyme and in a manner kids can grasp, what exactly goes on inside the body when a food allergy reaction occurs. And she does a great job. Things […]

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Reviews: Allergy Resource Books

Published in 2014 Gluten Freedom By Dr. Alessio Fasano, MD with Susie Flaherty  Wiley General Trade, $24.95 Penned by one of the world’s top celiac disease experts, Gluten Freedom  contains a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in celiac disease and,  gluten-related disorders. Readers get a front-row seat into the exciting breakthroughs in celiac research, […]

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Reviews: Allergy-Friendly Cookbooks

Published in 2014 Everyday Classics By Alexa Croft Kulia Media, $24.95 paperback Lexie Croft, author of Lexie’s Kitchen, is back with an impressive ‘everyday’ recipe book. Each of her 68 recipes, presented with beautiful color photographs and typography, are free of gluten, dairy, eggs and soy. Some recipes are free of nuts and other key allergens too; […]

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