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Reviews: Allergy-Friendly Children’s Books

Published in 2014 My Immune System Needs Glasses  By Michelle Nel Allergygator Publishing, $15.99 Allergy mom and author Michelle Nel tackles the herculean task of explaining, in rhyme and in a manner kids can grasp, what exactly goes on inside the body when a food allergy reaction occurs. And she does a great job. Things […]

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Reviews: Allergy Resource Books

Published in 2014 Gluten Freedom By Dr. Alessio Fasano, MD with Susie Flaherty  Wiley General Trade, $24.95 Penned by one of the world’s top celiac disease experts, Gluten Freedom  contains a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in celiac disease and,  gluten-related disorders. Readers get a front-row seat into the exciting breakthroughs in celiac research, […]

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Reviews: Allergy-Friendly Cookbooks

Published in 2014 The Blender Girl By Tess Masters Ten Speed Press, $19.99 paperback An actress and voice-over artist, Tess Masters uses vivid photography and her natural vitality to glamorize eating green in this best-selling cookbook. Like a health spa handbook for home, the reader is briskly introduced to sprouting, superfoods and essentials on digestive […]

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