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Non-steroidal Eczema Drug Shows Promise

A new non-steroidal anti-inflammatory ointment may provide relief to patients managing mild to moderate eczema, researchers say in a study presented at the AAAAI annual meeting. The topical drug works by suppressing an enzyme that’s present in higher than average numbers in people who have atopic dermatitis. In two multicenter, double-blind stage 3 trials, researchers […]

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Staph Infections on the Eczema Patient’s Skin Linked to Peanut Allergy

Many patients with eczema go on to develop food allergies, a phenomenon often referred to as “the allergic march.” But the exact relationship between the two diseases has so far been unclear. Lately, however, the theory that food proteins slip in through the compromised skin barrier of a child with eczema, leading to sensitization and […]

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Allergy to Cold Means a Life Lived Bundled Up

For those with an allergy to the cold like Adel, the first line of defense is bundling up, unless you can just move somewhere warmer, that is.

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Nickel Allergy - Laptop

Nickel Allergy: A Rash on the Digital Age

Our embrace of wireless gadgets and modern medical implants is exposing us to nickel, the highly sensitizing metal, as never before.

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Five Fast Facts About Chronic Body Hives

Hives that are caused by body and environmental triggers are known as physical urticarias and include: Solar Hives  Heading South for the Winter? Some people develop urticaria from a reaction to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Avoidance of direct sun, including protective dressing and using a sunblock are important. Pressure Hives: Those affected will get hives about […]

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The Girl Who’s Allergic to Water

When she was 12 years old, Alexandra Allen broke out in hives after swimming, the first indication of her strange condition – an allergy to water.

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Pharmacist Saves Woman’s Life after Severe Wasp Sting Reaction

A Quebec woman has credited the persistence of her pharmacist for saving her life

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New Eczema Drug’s Trial Results ‘Dramatic Over Only Weeks’: Yale Study

An exciting new era in eczema treatment may be around the corner, according to a new study. Dr. Brett King and his team at Yale School of Medicine recently revealed findings from their research into the use of a rheumatoid arthritis medication, known as Xeljanz, to treat moderate to severe eczema. “The improvement in redness, swelling, etc., was […]

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Itching For Relief: A Mom’s Journey to Soothing Her Son’s Eczema

This mom looked for alternatives and found her calling in the process.

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Allergy-Friendly Sunscreens

Updated for 2016 No matter your age or skin tone, there’s no excuse for exposing yourself to the sun’s harmful rays.  Allergic Living magazine has featured some of the best allergy-friendly and sensitive skin sunscreens available. Below, we share these tools to help shield you from summer’s glare. Episencial: Babytime Sunny Sunscreen Enriched with organic green […]

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