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Recipe Tip: Savory Salts

by Alisa Fleming Impress the home chefs on your list with an array of infused salts. they’re a great sugar-free alternative for gifts, and are easy to make and package. What to use: 1 to 2 teaspoon dried seasoning (see flavor and label ideas) per 1/4 cup coarse salt, such as Kosher or Fleur de […]

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Allergy-Friendly and Gluten-Free Tex-Mex Recipes

For your next taco night, avoid prepackaged fillers and allergen worries with these simple and safe Mexican food elements. Crockpot Shredded Chicken Place 2 pounds boneless, skinless chicken breast in a slow cooker. Season with  1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon black pepper and 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano. Pour in 1 cup allergy-safe chicken broth, cover, and cook on low […]

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Perfect Kids’ Party Food

Allergic kids will have a blast with these safe and bite-size snack foods by Keeley McGuire, the food-allergy blogger known for her incredible lunchtime ideas. Here’s a taste of her allergy-friendly creations, which were featured in Allergic Living’s Spring 2015 magazine. Cruisin’ Corndogs For a party or to up the fun factor at dinnertime, you can […]

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fresh to frozen 1

Frozen Fruit Pops and More Fruity Desserts

Take summer’s sweet bounty to refreshing new heights with these sensational frozen treats. Fruity Pops For a hydrating treat, place sliced fruits (berries, kiwi, peaches, etc.) in ice pop molds and fill with coconut water. Freeze solid. To infuse flavor, puree equal parts fruit and coconut water and freeze in ice pop molds. The second […]

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Advice on: Making a Flax Egg

A “flax egg” is commonly used in vegan baking for muffins and cookies, and it’s a great substitute for the egg-allergic too. Following is the method for replacing one egg, and you can double or triple it as needed. Ingredients 1 tbsp flaxseed meal 3 tbsp water Method Add the flaxseed meal and water to […]

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Alisa’s Advice: Safe Roasted Seeds

Seasoned seeds can offer delicious crunch and savory flavor to any plate of greens, but many brands are packaged on equipment shared with tree nuts and peanuts, or dusted with dairy or gluten. Fortunately, there are a few allergy-friendly options. Gerbs ( offers a wide range of seeds, from sunflower to hemp, roasted and packaged in their own nut-safe, […]

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pasta crop

Allergy-Friendly and Gluten-Free Pasta Choices

Alisa Fleming is a contributing editor to Allergic Living magazine and the author of Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance and Casein Free Living, and founder of First published in Allergic Living magazine. To subscribe, click here.

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Recipe Advice: Chili Choices

Tips by Simon Clarke First published in Allergic Living magazine. To subscribe and get the magazine to your door, click here.

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Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream with toppings

Advice On: Dairy-Free Ice Cream Tips

Here are some great allergy-friendly and gluten-free tips to make your dairy-free ice cream sundae even more delicious.  Try one of these fun ice cream recipes or pile on some allergy-safe toppings for an ice cream treat like no other. Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes: Chocolate Pudding Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream […]

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Advice On: Substituting Cream in Dessert Recipes

My go-to substitution for heavy cream in sweet recipes is coconut cream. Despite the name, coconut cream contains no dairy. It’s made purely from pureed coconut, but has a rich, creamy texture. Like dairy cream, coconut cream is high in saturated fat, allowing it to solidify at cooler temperatures. Thus, coconut cream can be whipped, and maintains […]

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