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Air Canada Told: Offer Nut-free Zones

The Canadian Transportation Agency has ordered Air Canada to create a formal policy that includes nut- or peanut-free “buffer zones” on its airplanes to accommodate passengers with these serious food allergies. In its ruling, released January 7, the agency also declared peanut and tree nut allergies a “disability” in the context of air travel.

The buffer zone would be required when a passenger gives the airline advance notice of a nut allergy. The CTA says Air Canada could not serve nuts or peanuts in that area, and that a flight crew member would need to advise other passengers in the “zone” rows not to consume foods that contain peanuts or tree nuts.

The ruling comes as a result of formal complaints to the CTA from Sophia Huyer, a frequent flier from Toronto, and Rhonda Nugent …. Read more [1].