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Allergy Basics

Steps to an Allergy-Safe Kitchen [1]

The task is daunting but with a some preparation and a maybe a few new tools, you’ll soon be able to make safe, nutritious meals in the kitchen.

Our Cardinal Rules [2]

Allergic Living’s tips for living safely and well with food allergies.

Ask the Allergist: Allergies in Siblings [3]

Is there anything that can be done to prevent allergies in siblings?
Dr. Wade Watson answers.

Managing Food Allergies [4]

A thorough guide to managing food allergies.

Labeling Questions Answered [5]

When you have food allergies, reading packaged goods labels becomes a way of life. But recognizing if your allergen is in the product isn’t always easy.

Fast Facts About Multiple Food Allergies [6]

According to Dr. Scott Sicherer at New York’s Jaffe Food Allergy Institute, having one food allergy can put you at a higher risk for reaction to other foods. These are some facts about the relationships among food allergies.