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The Seafood Allergies Section


What’s New: Boiled Shrimp is Less Allergenic [2]

Researchers find that boiling shrimp for 10 minutes reduces allergenicity.

What’s the Scoop On: Airborne Seafood Reactions [3]

It’s a common question: can the smell of seafood alone cause an allergic reaction? Find out here.

Managing Shellfish and Fish Allergies [4]

From eating out to cross-contamination, we teach you how to best manage your seafood allergies.

Ask the Allergist: Deep Fryer Oil and Fish Allergy? [5]

I’m wondering: is it OK for my 5-year-old with fish allergy to eat restaurant French fries that may be fried in the same oil as fish? Dr. Wade Watson weighs in.

Fish and Shellfish Allergies Explored [6]

Seafood allergy comes out of its shell as the biggest adult onset allergy in North America today.

Fast Facts on Seafood [7]

Can you be allergic to one fish or more? Do crustaceans cross-react with mollusks? Learn all about the relationships (and differences) among the seafood groups.

On the Job with Allergies [8]

In the fast-paced world of the business lunch and the musty office, the allergic employee finds work a risky business.