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The Asthma Section

    Alcohol Reactions with Asthma linked to Aspirin [1]

    Three-quarters of patients with asthma and sensitivity to Aspirin are getting asthma flare-ups from alcohol.

    Asthma Gene Change Linked to Air Pollution [2]

    Air pollution may be causing a DNA change that worsens – or even causes – asthma.

    BPA Exposure Linked to Asthma Risk in Kids [3]

    Researchers have found an association between exposure to BPA and an elevated risk for asthma in young children.

    New Cat Allergy Vaccine Set for Its Big Test [4]

    If successful, a new form of immunotherapy will rid a patient of cat allergy in just 4 shots.

    Understanding Asthma Medications [5]

    A pharmacist expert walks you through the various medications for asthma: from controllers to relievers to combination therapies and more.

    Asthma, Allergies and Why Kids Can’t Sleep [6]

    Dr. Paul Ehrlich finds that the quality of sleep is an important indicator of whether asthma and allergies are controlled.

    Ask the Asthma Educator: Mold Triggers in the Fall [7]

    In this post, Pat Steele, a Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE) explains how to avoid asthma triggers in the fall. Got a pressing asthma question? Submit it to Ask The Asthma Educator.

    Running on Empty: The Crisis in Asthma Control [8]

    Many Canadians with asthma think that it’s normal to be out of breath and to have sleepless nights due to their asthma – it’s not. Learn how to control your asthma so that you can function properly and get back to doing the things you love.

    Famous People With Asthma [9]

    Thought only Average Joe’s had to deal with asthma? Think Again! Some familiar faces go through the same challenges you do.