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The Pollen & Pet Allergy Section


    Plants to Avoid [2]

    Our extended list of plants you don’t want to get near if you’re allergic to pollen.

    Pet Allergies: A Gander at Dander [3]

    Comprehensive article on pet allergies and asthma triggered by pets.

    Coping with Grass Allergy: Our Top 10 Tips [4]

    Allergic Living’s top ten tips for those allergic to grass.

    America’s Trees of Allergies [5]

    Whether you live south or north, east or west, Allergic Living has the low-down on the nastiest pollen offenders in your neighborhood.

    Top 10 Flowers for Allergy-Free Gardening [6]

    These gorgeous flowers are just what the horticulturalist ordered. They either reproduce with seeds, or make the kind of pollen that won’t send you into a fit of sneezing or tearing up.

    10 Ways to Beat the Pollen [7]

    Do not surrender; Allergic Living is here to help.

    The Scoop On: Chemical-Resistant Ragweed [8]

    A new strain of chemical-resistant ragweed has hit Canada. What does this mean for allergy sufferers? Check here to find out.

    Oral Allergy Cross-Reactions [9]

    Up to 10 per cent of the population has a condition called oral allergy syndrome, a less severe form of food allergy related to pollen allergies. Itchy mouth and throat reactions are caused by a variety of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and even spices. The problem is that these foods have allergenic proteins in common with hay fever-causing trees and plants.

    The Hay Fever Handbook [10]

    Know the enemy. All the facts you’ll need to survive the onslaught of pollen season – happy and breathing just fine.