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The Allergy Experts


Allergies and Asthma: Dr. Paul Ehrlich [2]

Dr. Paul Ehrlich looks into sleep disruptions caused by asthma and allergies in children.


Ask the Allergist with Dr. Antony Ham Pong [3]

You’ve probably wondered whether smelling peanuts can cause an allergic reaction. Dr. Ham Pong gives a comprehensive answer to this popular question.


Ask the Allergist with Dr. Clifford Bassett [4]

Dr. Clifford Bassett explains the ins and outs of adult-onset pet allergy, including unique considerations such as pet gender and color.


Ask the Allergist with Dr. Michael Pistiner [6]

Dr. Pistiner tells us whether soy in personal care products is safe to use for the soy allergic.


Ask the Allergist with Dr. Hemant Sharma [8]

If you’re wondering whether goat’s milk is safe for those with milk allergies, Dr. Sharma has the answer.


Ask the Allergist with Dr. Scott Sicherer [10]

Dr. Scott Sicherer shares his insight on adult-onset allergies.


Ask the Dermatologist with Dr. Sandy Skotnicki [12]

Dr. Sandy Skotnicki answers a question about a reaction to a new shampoo. Are sulfates to blame?


Ask the Allergist with Dr. Susan Waserman [14]

Dr. Waserman is known to readers of her column with Dr. Wade Watson in Allergic Living magazine. Here, she advises on reactions to daffodils.


Ask the Allergist with Dr. Wade Watson [16]

Dr. Watson considers whether precautions should be taken to prevent asthma flare-ups in children during spring.


Ask the Asthma Educators [18]

The CNRC certifies health-care prefessionals as Certified Asthma and Respiratory Educators (CAEs and CREs) working to help patients gain control of asthma, and COPD.

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Our Blogs

Gwen Smith150x150-2 [20]

From the Editor’s Desk: Milk OIT Not Lasting [21]

The staying power of OIT (oral immunotherapy) for milk allergy has been called into question with the results of a 5-year followup of test subjects. Gwen Smith investigates.


The Celiac Expert: Getting Enough Whole Grains [23]

Dietitian Shelley Case gives advice on how to get enough whole grains on the gluten-free diet.


Laurie Harada: An Allergic Child Dines Out [25]

Anaphylaxis Canada’s executive director offers advice to help the food-restricted youngster become an empowered diner.


Alice Bast: It’s Never too Early to Start [26]

Alice Bast, founder and president of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, writes a column in each print edition of Allergic Living magazine.

Gina Clowes2 [27]

The Parenting Coach: Tips to Stress Less and Schedule in Real Life [28]

Gina Clowes takes a pledge for scheduled down time.


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