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Allergic Living’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

Allergy-Friendly Gifts for Babies & Kids [1]

Sweet Sensitive Baby Sammy from the Goldberger Company was created just for infants with asthma and allergies. She’s made of materials that are allergy-friendly and don’t contain chemicals that can trigger symptoms. She can be frozen, then washed to minimize dust.
US: $14.99 at Tuesday Morning Stores and www.amazon.com [2].
Canada: $14.99 at Winners.
Your little girl and her best doll friend can share a safe playtime meal. American Girl’s Allergy Free Lunch includes a healthy plastic lunch, smoothie, medical bracelet, allergy stickers, a pretend epinephrine device and a fun lunch bag. Great for getting kids to think about stay-safe strategies in a non-threatening way.
US: $28 plus tax, shipping at www.americangirl.com [4]; site also lists retail locations.
Canada: $28 plus shipping at www.americangirl.com [4].


Gifts for Kids & Teens

[5]Kids will have a thrill on a hill with the Yardboard, which surfs over surfaces from snow to grass and dirt. The board requires no boots or bindings, and is made from virtually indestructible BPA-free plastic. A great way to keep kids with asthma and allergies active. For ages 6 and up.
US: $99 at www.spoonerboards.com [6].
Canada: $119 at independent toy stores, visit www.stortz.ca [7] for locations.

[8]When third grader Savanah Groft dropped a few stitches crocheting a round placemat, the Pocket Disc was born. Now fair trade-produced in Guatemala, the cotton, colorfully patterned disks are great for games on the fly. There are two styles: sport ($16.95 US/$19.99 CDN) and, for indoor use, regular ($9.95 US/$11.99 CDN), with a wide range of patterns.
US: see www.pocketdisc.com [9].
Canada: see www.stortz.ca [7] for retail locations.
Olli Lolli’s stylish Cargo Pants feature a specially designed pocket perfect for carrying an auto-injector or asthma inhaler. Made from 100% organic cotton twill, kids can balance style, comfort and practicality.
US: $49.95 plus shipping at www.ollilolli.com [11].
Canada: $49.95 plus tax, shipping at www.ollilolli.com [11].

Next: Gifts for Women, Men & Specifically for Allergies

Gifts for The Woman on Your List

[12]The innovative Expand a Pack from Beyond A Bag morphs from shoulder purse to a full-sized duffle bag with the slide of a zipper. Terrific for women who carry their own safe foods and medications, and available in appealing shades and patterns.
US: $38. For store locator, see www.beyondabag.com [13].
Canada: $42. For store locator, see www.beyondabag.com [13].
For business travel, look to the Overnighter with six detachable compartments, two big exterior pockets and a shoulder strap. It can also fold down to an attactive tote.
US: $62. For store locator, visit www.beyondabag.com [13].
Canada: $68. For store locator, see www.beyondabag.com [13].
An e-reader spells gift success. With this compact and budget-friendly gadget, she can take novels and her favorite allergy-friendly cookbooks wherever she goes. Complete with a built-in light, long battery life, and the ability to store 1,000 books.
US: Kindle Paperwhite –  $159 at www.amazon.com [2].
Canada: Kobo Glo  – $129 at www.chapters.indigo.ca [16].

[17]The luxurious Bamboo Chic bathrobe by Barefoot Dreams will have her feeling like she’s at the spa in her own home. Made of poly microfiber and bamboo rayon, it’s perfect for sensitive skin. With Oprah singing this robe’s praises, you know she will be, too. In eight colors.
US: $126 plus shipping at www.barefootdreams.com [18].
Canada: $165 plus tax, shipping at www.cloudninepajamas.com [19].
A VMV Hypoallergenics cosmetics gift will bring raves. The Mistle Glow Kit features Ooh-La-Lash! Volumizing Mascara, which is allergy-friendly and doesn’t clump, along with Glitz Lipstick, in a rich pink shade called Drama Queen.
US: $35  plus tax, shipping at www.vmvhypoallergenics.com [21].
Canada: $35 plus shipping at www.vmvhypoallergenics.com [21].

[22]The Yule Love the Bubbles set features three luxurious bath essentials: Essence Hair & Body “Big Softie” Shampoo (fragrance-free and free of allergenic surfactants, parabens and phthalates), Essence Skin-Saving Conditioner and Clear + Clean Body Soap.
US: $15 plus tax, shipping at www.vmvhypoallergenics.com [23].
Canada: $15 plus shipping at www.vmvhypoallergenics.com [23].

Next: Allergic Giving

Allergy-Related Gifts

[24]For U.S. residents, the casual, relaxed styling of this Roots leather medical ID bracelet with stainless steel emblem makes a life-saving and attractive gift for the young man on your list. MedicAlert medical ID speaks for you when you can’t speak for yourself. $49.95 at www.medicalert.org [25].
Canadian residents, meantime, can offer a loved one a medical ID gift that gives back. When you purchase a 50th Anniversary Limited Edition MedicAlert Bracelet in signature red by December 20, $10 will be donated to support the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation’s No Child Without program. That program offers free live-saving ID bracelets to students with medical conditions between the ages of 4 and 14 at participating Canadian schools. $49 plus tax at www.medicalert.ca [27].
Not to toot our own horn, but a gift subscription to Allergic Living magazine does make a wonderful present for anyone on your list with food and environmental allergies or celiac disease. The award-winning magazine features helpful, engaging and sometimes provocative articles on topics of great relevance to those living with these conditions. Also: great expert Q&As, tips for travel and dining, new product reviews and sensational recipes free of top allergens and gluten. Affordable prices vary by length of subscription. www.allergicliving.com/subscribe [29]


Up for splurging? Your allergic special person will love the luxury of a certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly SmartSilk Comforter. It’s a great choice for many reasons: the duvet is filled with silk, which repels dust mites, covered in soft cotton, lightweight and wicks away moisture, so there’s no getting too warm under the covers.
US: $449/queen at www.smartsilk.com [30].
Canda: $449/queen plus tax at www.smartsilk.com [30].

Next: Gifts for Him

Gifts for the Guy on Your List

[31]The Bulldog Natural Skincare line for men will leave him fresh and chemical-free, since there are no parabens or synthetic fragrance and bonus, no gluten either. The award-winning British products include a face wash, moisturizer, shaving gel, after-shave balm and facial scrub.
US: from $9.99-$13.99 at Whole Foods Markets or see www.meetthebulldog.com [32].
Canada: from $9.99-$13.99 at Whole Foods Markets.
Smoked food is on menus everywhere these days. Now your man can take his barbecue skills to the next level – right in the kitchen. Cameron’s Stovetop Smokers add wonderful flavor and retain meat’s moisture. Comes with two tubs of wood chips and a manual with recipes.
US: $54.95 plus shipping at www.cameronsproducts.com [34].
Canada: $50.75 at Golda’s Kitchen and Gourmet Warehouse or $54.95 plus shipping at www.cameronsproducts.com [34].
If he (or she) loves to cook, the Grow Bottle will have him snipping fresh herbs all year long. Crafted from re-cycled wine bottles, these attractive containers grow herbs hydroponically while adding a modern touch to the windowsill. So simple, so fresh, so healthy. Choices include basil, mint, oregano, chive and parsley.
US: $35 per bottle plus shipping at  www.pottingshedcreations.com [36].
Canada: $35 per bottle plus shipping at  www.pottingshedcreations.com [36].
An e-reader is a guaranteed home-run of a gift. With this compact and budget-friendly gadget, he can take his favorite novels & magazines wherever he goes. Complete with a built-in light, long battery life, and the ability to store 1,000 books.
US: Kindle Paperwhite – $159 at www.amazon.com [2].
Canada: Kobo Glo  – $129 at www.chapters.indigo.ca [16].


Next: Great Host Gifts

Allergy-Friendly Host Gifts

[38]Amanda’s Own Confections has the holidays wrapped up with the Present Box featuring 8 green and red foil-wrapped chocolate presents. The box comes complete with a ribbon bow making it a perfect host gift. The chocolates are free from dairy, tree nut, peanut, egg and gluten.
US: $5.75 plus shipping at www.amandasown.com [39].
Canada: $5.75 plus shipping. Call 440-331-3998 to order. See www.amandasown.com [39].

[40]The Box of 6 Assorted Chocolates from Ange Gardien makes an exceptional and novel treat gift. With fun flavors including cosmic blueberry, raspberry explosion, honey & orange, maple syrup & apples and salt flower caramel, these bright and colorful chocolates are sure to stand out. Free from peanuts, nuts, dairy and eggs. (Contain soy, gluten and wheat.)
US: $12.95 plus shipping at www.alimentsangegardien.com [41].
Canada: $12.95 plus tax, shipping at www.alimentsangegardien.com [41].

[42]The Holiday Gift Box from Vermont Nut Free Chocolates is packed with fudge, holiday bells, a chocolate Santa, Christmas miniatures and Christmas pops. All are free from peanut and tree nuts – but can be enjoyed by anyone who has a taste for fine chocolate. (Contain dairy, egg, soy and gluten.)
US: $39 plus shipping at www.vermontnutfree.com [43].
Canada: $39 plus shipping at www.vermontnutfree.com [43].

[44]Untie the orange satin ribbon, and your hosts will find chocolates that are a feast for the eyes as well as the sweet tooth. The chocolate cheesecake ganache is covered in white chocolate coating and better yet, the sweets are free of dairy, gluten, peanuts, nuts and egg. (Contain soy.)
US: $26.50 plus shipping at www.premiumchocolatiers.com [45].
Canada: $26.50 plus shipping at www.premiumchocolatiers.com [45].

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