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Gina Clowes

Allergy-Safe Halloween Treating

By Gina Clowes

As a child, I couldn’t wait for Halloween. Transforming into a princess or superhero was thrilling, and the best part was coming home and dumping my loot onto the kitchen table. As a parent of a food-allergic son, however, I quickly realized that celebrating Halloween could pose a serious health risk. Still, I didn’t want …

Laurie Harada

Food Allergy and Halloween

By Laurie Harada

A few years ago, I watched as my colleague Beatrice and her young son Joey were interviewed by a television reporter about food allergies. It was Halloween and the feature was to air that evening, a perfect time to raise awareness about this growing issue for Canadian children, and about the precautionary measures that families …

Gwen Smith

What’s in $24 Million? The Gift of Hope for Food Allergy

By Gwen Smith

Speechless! Awesome!!!! My family is so grateful to you – God bless your generous heart! THANK YOU Sean Parker. Amazing!!! Many blessings to you and your family!!! I love this man!! (Sample comments from Allergic Living’s Facebook page.) On December 17, 2014, the food allergy community used up its quota of exclamation marks to thank …

Gina Clowes

After Anaphylaxis: Helping a Child Overcome Allergy Fears

By Gina Clowes

“That candy made my mouth feel funny,” said my then 6-year old, Daniel. With a look of worry, he handed me the wrapper from a mini package of chewy candies. The next 15 minutes were a blur as I injected him with epinephrine and we sped to the emergency room in the back of an ambulance. When we got home late that …

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