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Gwen Smith

Getting Life Back

By Gwen Smith

June 2011 – I have been there – to the place where you think your allergic life is unlivable. On a trip to Florida a couple of years ago, I got off the plane having a reaction to something. Who knows exactly what; I’d eaten only my own food, but hadn’t wiped down my seating …

Laurie Harada

Sharing the Allergy Load

By Laurie Harada

When my son, Julian, was diagnosed with peanut allergy years ago, I faced the news alone. My husband Victor could not come to the allergist’s appointment as he had a business commitment. Overwhelmed by the thought of possibly losing our child, I had a meltdown when I called Victor later. Sobbing, I explained: “He could …

Shelley Case, RD

What is Celiac Disease?

By Shelley Case, RD

Q: I have been hearing more about celiac disease, and wonder if I may have it. What exactly is celiac, and how is it diagnosed? A: Celiac disease, also known as celiac sprue or gluten sensitive enteropathy, is an inherited digestive disorder affecting between one in 100 and one in 200 people worldwide. With this …

Shelley Case, RD

Eating Safely at Family BBQ

By Shelley Case, RD

Q: Can you give me tips on how I can eat safely at barbecues? A: Summer is a great time for eating and socializing outdoors, and there are plenty of menu options for those with celiac disease. Here are some tips for a stress- and gluten-free barbecue season: Planning – Call ahead to find out …

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