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Allergic Living News Report NewsReport: January 2011
The Battle for Clear Labels
The lobby to get clearly stated allergy and gluten labels on consumable products in Canada has turned from a story of endless delay into one of a battle royale. As food allergy and celiac communities press hard to get the vital allergen and gluten regulations into law, a foe has emerged.
   Three weeks ago, the Brewers Association of Canada launched a national campaign, decrying the regulations as costly and seeking an exemption. Their spokesman's line? "Everyone" knows that beer contains barley.
   On Feb. 2, allergy and celiac groups arrived on Parliament Hill to forcefully counter that millions with allergies and celiac disease must be able to tell from ingredient labels exactly what they're eating or drinking. Otherwise, they risk illness, hospitalization or even death. No exception for beer, they said, though beer is the least of it.
   The clock is ticking. The regulations, promised in July 2008, have been reviewed and ready for a year. There is a real risk that further delay could permanently shelve the regulations. If a spring election is called, that may send the process back to square one. The question is: will the Harper government back the health of millions now, or bow to one noisy latecomer? For more, read Gwen Smith's "No Regs for the Weary"
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Be Mine: Save Valentine
Valentine's Day is just around the corner. You can play it old school and say it with chocolate with Guardian Angel's My Love gift basket. Or jazz it up with Divvies' Valentines Jelly Beans.
   Got a great allergy-safe cookie recipe you've been meaning to try? Then create your own heart-shaped treats with Wilton's Push'n Print Valentine cookie cutters.
   For the young and allergic, you can also skip the food-centred celebration to pull some heartstrings. Tykes will adore the plush Buddy Bear or Floppy Puppy that carry the Asthma & Allergy-Friendly certification. For creative little girls, we "heart" the Melissa & Doug Heart Box Set, available at Chapters. Our friends at Kids With Food Allergies have developed a great list of fun, non-food crafts and activities. Plus, KWFA has some excellent tips on how to handle Valentine's celebrations at school.
Sam's Story
Samantha Yaffe's frank take on motherhood with food allergies.
This Month: I Fly Into Heavy Allergy Turbulence
"Do you hear what you're saying to me?" Allergy mom Sam tries to keep her cool but win her case as an Air Canada gate attendant explains that she can't board a flight since her peanut-allergic son hasn't been cleared to fly by the medical desk. Turns out this is a misinterpretation of the airline's new formal allergy policy, but this employee doesn't get that. Nor does she acknowledge the significance of telling someone they can't fly in 2011 due to a medical condition. But Sam sure does, make no mistake, and she's still rattled by the experience. more
What's for (Safe) Supper?
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