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What You Can Do About Food  Allergy Bullying
From the Allergic Living magazine archive, we bring you an exceptional article: “Food Allergy Bullying on the Rise”.
  It features interviews with leading experts, including parenting and bullying author Barbara Coloroso and Dr. Scott Sicherer, chief of the division of allergy at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.   
   The article explains the study that found an astounding one in three children with food allergies has experienced bullying, harassment or teasing because of their allergies – most of it occurring at school.  
   The experts explore the emotional impact of taunts like “peanut kid” and the raw fear of a reaction when allergenic food is thrown or waved in an allergic child’s direction.   
   Most helpfully, this article offers in-depth guidance on the steps you can take to end, and even prevent, allergy bullying. read more
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Dairy-Allergic Girl Learns to Fly Solo
Since kids learn best when you involve them, Anaphylaxis Canada’s Laurie Harada recounts the smart steps she used to teach her now grown son how to order food in restaurants read more

Ask the Allergist: In a restaurant, how close does an allergic person have to be to food steam to trigger a reaction? read answer
Living Gluten-Free
• Cereal Grains are Not the Enemy
Dietitian and Allergic Living contributor Shelley Case stresses that, on a gluten-free diet, it’s essential to get your whole grains. Shelley walks us through the best grains and details how to incorporate them into the diet. Plus, she serves up some great recipes. read more

• New Forum for Gluten Disorders
The NFCA has launched a brand new online forum – a great place for those with celiac disease or other gluten disorders to to meet and discuss. view

• Care Lacking for Most Celiac Patients
A recent study from the Mayo Clinic concludes that 65 percent of celiac patients are getting inadequate follow-up care. read more
Living Gluten-Free
A few studies have suggested a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and allergies – leading many to presume that allergies are more prevalent in a northern climate.
  But in a large population study of food allergic children, allergist Ruchi Gupta was fascinated to see evidence of more food allergies in the south of the United States than the north. Another trend: more food allergies near water. Read Editor Gwen Smith’s interview with Dr. Gupta here.

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Allergy-Safe Tastes Good!
• Give chicken stew a modern twist with Chef Simon’s Chicken Stew with Smoked Paprika.
• For healthy kid pleasers, try our Sweet Potato Fries or our delicious Potato, Parsnip and Pear Latkes.
• Nothing beats Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies, fresh from the oven.
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‘Stock’ auto-injector law, fast-acting staff save teen’s life in VA sting reaction.

Fewer steroid puffs may be needed to control mild asthma.

Quebec woman is charged for hitting man with his allergen, causing him to react.

ALV003 celiac pill gets fast-track approval.

Asthma drug’s strong test results causing excitement.

Wine festival + wasps = anaphylaxis for singer Kathleen Edwards.

Study shows RSV virus causing allergic response that leads to asthma in kids.
Sept. 22-23, FAAN Food Allergy Walks in Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Columbus. more

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Sept. 22, Protecting anaphylactic children event, Victoria, B.C. more

Sept. 30 & Oct. 6, FAAN Food Allergy Walks in Chicago, Seattle, Las Vegas, Detroit. more

Oct. 28, Anaphylaxis Canada’s Halloween Spooktacular, Toronto. more

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