Safe Dining:
Allergy Aware on the Road

Heading out-of-town and looking for  restaurants that know the full drill on allergy and gluten safety?

Look no further than this excerpt from the Travel Dining Guide in the Summer edition of Allergic Living. From fast food to fine dining, these savvy restaurants offer good food as well as peace of mind. read more

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In our last e-NewsReport, Allergic Living announced a book and magazine subscription giveaway in honor of food allergy and celiac awareness.

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Living Gluten-Free

• The New Debate on Gluten in Cosmetics
Doctors say you have to ingest gluten from cosmetics to get symptoms. Question is: does this happen more often than we know?
read more

• Hot Advice for a Celiac-Safe Summer
Summer can pose unique risks and challenges for anyone living gluten-free. Don't let cross-contamination spoil summer barbecues or vacations: see NFCA's exclusive tips for a safe, enjoyable summer.
read more

Allergic Air Travel Woes

Inconsistent allergy policies are leaving travelers stressed, confused, worried and angry. What can be done? See editor Gwen Smith's report from Allergic Living magazine. read more

Plus: Before you book, consult our Comparing Airlines chart!

Summer Gets Crunchy

• Light, Fresh and Tasty:
Crunchy Summer Salad

• Zesty & Delicious:
Lemon Chicken with Olives

• And for Dessert:
Gluten-free Raspberry Tarts

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*All recipes free of top allergens & gluten.

Calling All Students...

Do you have a story to share about your experiences managing food allergies or a gluten-free diet at college/university? Allergic Living would love to hear from you for an upcoming article. read more

Top 10 Friendly Flowers

Learn how to plant an allergy-friendly garden with AL's list of the top flowers that won't set off the sneeze or wheeze. read more

Ask The Allergists

Q. I'm severely allergic to tree nuts. Can I tolerate baked goods with coconut?

Dr. Scott Sicherer clears up the confusion on coconuts, coconut oil and tree nut allergy.
read more

Q. I’ve been told I’m anaphylactic to wasp stings, and now I’m afraid when I’m outside. How do I go on living normally?

Dr. Wade Watson on how to get out and enjoy life while managing a stinging insect allergy. read more

Plus: Learn even more about stinging insect allergies here.



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June 24, Peanut- controlled Orioles game, Baltimore.  more
June 29, FARE Walk in San Diego, CA. more
July 1, deadline for allergy-friendly Camp Blue Spruce, Banks, OR. more
July 18, 2 pm ET, NFCA webinar: lessons from GF athletes. more
July 21, FARE Walk in St. Louis, MO. more

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  • GF Power: Olympian Dana Vollmer and triathlete Heather Wurtele share their kick-butt gluten-free diets. 

  • Perfect Picnic: Oven “fried” chicken to lemonade cake.

  • Fragrance Wars: Can allergy safety trump scent?