How Allergy Aware Is Your

The cover article of Allergic Living's soon-to-be-mailed Fall edition goes inside academia to learn: just how allergy- and gluten-aware are universities?
   Our report, based on in-depth research, will have good news: accommodations are fast becoming the new normal.
   As well, today Allergic Living unveils a new online resource: Comparing Colleges – a chart of 25 universities across the U.S. and their practices concerning food allergies and celiac disease. For Canada, there is also a chart of 16 universities. Feel free to share these great new resources.

U.S. Colleges Chart: read
Cdn. College Chart: read

Know Your Rights
to Accommodation

The legal landscape is changing for students with food allergies and celiac disease. At both college and school, an allergic individual may have rights to accommodation.

College Rights: read
Rights at School: read

Lessons From A Teen’s Allergy Tragedy

The story of 13-year-old Natalie Giorgi clearly struck an emotional chord with the food allergy community. After accidentally eating a bite of a peanut butter dessert, the allergic girl at first felt no symptoms, yet 20 minutes later was in the midst of a full-blown – and ultimately fatal – anaphylactic reaction.
   It's a terrible tragedy and gave rise to numerous reader questions, especially around epinephrine use. Allergic Living turns to allergists Dr. Robert Wood and Dr. Susan Waserman for answers. read more

Living Gluten-Free

• Beer for the Celiac Sipper
Shelley Case, registered dietitian and renowned celiac expert tells you everything you need to know about gluten-free beer. read more

• Gluten-Free in College
NFCA has created a hub containing a wealth of valuable information for any gluten-free college student. Includes webinars, giveaways, resources and more. read more

Fabulous Free-From Food

• Breakfast:
Strawberry Shortcake Waffles

• Lunch:
Watermelon and Herb Salad

• Dinner:
Watercress-Tenderloin Salad

Search Our Recipe Database!

*All recipes free of top allergens & gluten.

Essential School Tools

Six that Save Lives: Share this popular free anaphylaxis emergency poster with your school.

The 504, school articles and more: Everything from school acommodations to issues of bullying, classroom air quality and teacher e-learning tools.

Allergy & Asthma Action Plans: Make sure your child has one.

Help the School 'Get' Food Allergies: Gina Clowes guides you on how to communicate effectively with school officials.

13 Classroom Air Issues: From carpeting to off-gassing cleaning products, ventilation systems and more.

Florida's Super Teen Lobbyist: A teen leads the charge for improved food allergy policies in the sunshine state.

Asthma in Schools Video: National Jewish Health explains back to school flare-ups.



FDA sets gluten-free standard at last. Here's what it means to the consumer.
Increased lymphoma risk seen in celiac patients with damaged intestines.
Fruits, vegetables may cut risk of baby's food allergy.
Link found between ADHD and allergies.
Review: Smurfs 2 and the infamous peanut-allergy scene.
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Sept. FARE Walks in Houston, Chicago, Seattle, other locations. more
Sept. 18, NFCA webinar: Explaining the FDA's Gluten- Free Rule.  more
Sept. 22-25, Int'l Celiac Disease Symposium, Chicago. more
Oct. 12, Gluten-Free Expo, Salt Lake City. more
Nov. 2-4, Food Allergy Blogger Conference, Las Vegas. more

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Fall issue: peek inside!

On Its Way to Readers:
Allergic Living's Fall Issue

• Campus Life with Allergies: Our exclusive on how colleges are adapting their food practices for allergic and celiac students, and which universities are the "friendliest".

• Allergic to Everything: Eosinophilic disorders put so many foods out of reach – how resilient families cope.

• Exercise and Asthma: What to do when physical activity brings on the wheeze.

•  GFDF Pizza Night recipes, latest news and more.