9 Amazing Immune Boosters

For the allergic community, the winter cold and flu season simply means a different challenge: where sneezing left off in early fall, wheezing often steps in.

Learn about the surprising wonder foods that will bolster your defenses in this exclusive Allergic Living article. read more

Your Brain on Gluten

Many are aware that celiac disease symptoms don't stop at the gut, but did you know that gluten can bring on neurological symptoms, from "brain fog" to motor control issues and even damage visible on scans? read more

• Take the Pledge
In 2014, the NFCA is asking people with celiac disase to "take the pledge" to educate, empower and advocate for their health.
read more

Allergy Rights on Airlines

Allergic travelers are getting more vocal about their rights, gaining some political support, and two new write-in campaigns are underway (one in the U.S. and one in Canada). read more

My Tale of Allergy Bullying

After leaving her backpack unattended for just a few minutes, 13-year-old student Charlotte Jude Schwartz became a victim of food allergy bullying.

She tells Allergic Living readers about the experience, and the detective work that helped to identify the culprit. read more

Eating Healthy in 2014

• Delicious Paleo cooking: Honey Lemon Chicken from Elana's Pantry.

Kale Pomegranate Salad
Tender, with a splash of citrus.

3 Detox Smoothies: Get your New Year off to a healthy start.

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Looking Back on 2013: A Roller Coaster of a Year 

Allergic Living editor Gwen Smith takes a step back to take stock of the past year, with all of its ups and downs for the food allergy and celiac disease communities. read more



Children whose mothers eat nuts while pregnant have reduced allergy risk.
More evidence dog exposure protects from allergy.
Nanny Jo Frost on sleepovers, parties with food allergies.
Promising results in study of new celiac blood test.
FAACT food allergy group launches.
Conor Kennedy experiences severe nut reaction.


Jan. 25-26, Gluten & Allergen Free Expo, San Francisco. more
Jan. 30, NFCA Webinar: Living  Authentically on the Gluten-Free Diet. more
Feb. 28-Mar. 4, AAAAI annual meeting, San Diego. more

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New Issue: Allergic Living’s Winter Edition

• The Dog: is an allergy foe becoming a new best friend?
• Holiday Cookies! Cybele Pascal’s fabulous free-from baking.
Immune boosters: awesome nutrition tips.
• Rethinking the Gluten-Free Diet with RD Shelley Case.
Hotel Havens: travel gets downright accommodating.
All in the Family: life's a challenge when 5 of 6 are celiac.

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