Airlines & Allergies:
A Step Forward & A Bad Reaction

Two advocates got an unprecedented opportunity to make the case for better airline accommodations for those with food allergies – before an audience of U.S. airline managers. Allergic Living reports on how they were received. read more

That’s the good news. But the distressing airline news is that an 8-year-old had an anaphylactic reaction on a recent flight – and her parents contend that the crew were cavalier, and even interfered with the girl’s treatment. read more

Valentine’s Chocolate 
For Kids & Couples

A day devoted to chocolate treats? Count contributing food writer Laurie Sadowski in. She has created two divine gluten-free, allergy-friendly Valentine’s delights – just for Allergic Living’s chocolate-loving readers.

For Kids:
Triple Chocolate Brownie Cones

• For Couples: 
Red Wine Fudge Pudding Cake

• Crafts: Who says Valentine’s has to be all about food? read more

• Safe Treats List: We’ve done the sleuthing for you! read more

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Hotels That Welcome Us

Travel without rooms that expose you to mites, mold and chemicals? Yes, please!

Allergic Living stretches out in several exceptional hypoallergenic hotels. read more

Guts, Glory & Gluten-Free

What could an Olympic gold medalist, a Guiness world record holder and an ultra-marathon runner have in common? Hint: It starts with 'G' and ends with 'free'.  read more

• Share the Love
Do you know someone who really "gets it" when it comes to celiac disease? Submt their story and join NFCA's brand new "Share the Love" campaign.
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The Food Allergy Brother

After a child receives a severe food allergy diagnosis, emotions tend to run high. Reader Sue Marchand shares her story of how these feelings had a surprising effect on the non-allergic sibling in her family.
read more

Great Book Reviews

Allergic Living now provides reviews of the latest and greatest books from our community online. Check out our editors' picks of the best free-from cookbooks, children's stories, lifestyle guides and more!



First long-term study of peanut OIT therapy shows lasting protection.
Peanut allergy study in U.K. heralded as great success.
New study finds celiac disease ups risk of hip fractures.
Living in the South  can increase hay fever risk.
Second allergy tablet approved in Canada. When will they reach the U.S.?
FARE releases new food allergy field guide.


Feb. 15, South Florida Gluten-Free Expo, West Palm Beach, FL. more
Feb. 22-23, Gluten & Allergen Free Expo, Phoenix. more
Feb. 28-Mar. 4, AAAAI annual meeting, San Diego. more
Mar. 26, NFCA Webinar: FODMAPS, Gluten Sensitivity and IBS. more

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