Finding Hope: Q&A with Natalie Giorgi’s Parents

As the one year anniversary of their daughter Natalie’s death from a severe anaphylactic reaction approaches, Joanne and Louis Giorgi are striving to make sense from tragedy.

They speak to Allergic Living, not only of every parent’s worst nightmare, but of their brave foray into food allergy advocacy, their quest to raise funds for a new foundation and allergy awareness, and their profound gratitude for the group hug of the food allergy community. see interview

The Hero School Nurse

Announcing the newest honoree in our Allergy Advocates series: the amazing Cathy Owens. Long before stock epi legislation, Owens, a school nurse, made the heroic decision to save a student’s life with another child’s auto-injector. Since, she’s become a role model for allergy education. read more

Esposito’s Celiac Drama

In this sneak peek from Allergic Living’s Summer magazine (especially for those who’ve yet to subscribe), acclaimed actress Jennifer Esposito speaks out about her winding journey to celiac diagnosis, her advice for fellow celiacs, and her new life as a gluten-free bakery owner. read more

Living Gluten-Free

• FDA’s Gluten-Free Rule in Effect August 5
Finally, “gluten-free” packaged foods are held to account. read more

• How Healthy is Your Gluten-Free Diet?
Here’s how to make sure you're getting enough nutrients on the gluten-free diet. read more

• Dining Out Tips from Top Gluten-Free Chefs
Our friends at NFCA have assembled top gluten-free chefs to answer questions and give their best tips for dining out without gluten - and without fear. read more

Stopping Summer’s Stingers

Got a severe stinging insect allergy? Check out our comprehensive pages to help keep your home free of: Bees/Wasps, Mosquitos, and Ants.

Ask the Allergist
Q: Is it true that drinking alcohol can make food reactions more severe?

Here’s Dr. Scott Sicherer’s take. read more

Summer Edition: Great Reading!
U.S. Edition Canadian Edition

On newsstand: Aside from subscription, the magazine can be found at U.S. Whole Foods Markets and Chapters in Canada.



Scientists discover the cause of EoE, and the answer is in the genes.
CDC report finds  asthma in U.S. at lowest rate in a decade.
New Florida law allows stock epinephrine virtually everywhere.
Concern spikes after report of skin cream causing new anaphylactic allergy.
FDA releases long list of OTC acne medications that may induce anaphylaxis.