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Research Roundup from AAAAI


From the big AAAAI 2017 allergists’ meeting, we bring you coverage of:

The progress on the Viaskin Peanut Patch, tree nut OIT’s promise, where asthma deaths occur, epinephrine use in U.S. schools, who’s at risk of severe allergy shot reactions, wheat allergy OIT’s mixed success and more.
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Allergy Hazing’s Aftermath 

When freshman Andrew Seely awoke from being passed out at a frat house, he discovered his face was smeared with peanut butter and his eyes and nose were extremely swollen.

Andrew quietly quit his Michigan college over the incident, but recently revealed it to his parents and the media – because "he doesn’t want this to happen to anyone else," says his mother. Learn about his story and the latest on the police probe. read


Living Gluten-Free

• A Workout for Your Gut? 
New research shows that exercise can help promote a healthy balance of the body's microbiome. read

• Celiac’s New Drug 
Beyond Celiac with the latest on a promising vaccine. read

10 Big Pollen Questions

What are the worst pollen offenders? How far can pollen travel? Can you really trust that allergy forecast on TV? Let Allergic Living guide you through these and other essential questions. read

Teen Hormones & Allergies

Ask the Allergist: My 12-year-old with legume allergies had only had mild reactions. Then recently she ate food that turned out to contain soy flour and experienced anaphylaxis. Could this have to do with hormonal changes, since she has only recently hit puberty? 

Dr. Hemant Sharma answers here



Study identifies a yeast that increases risk of developing childhood asthma. 
U.S. rate of celiac diagnosis shows big improvement.
Put your allergy IQ to the test with our spring pollen quiz.
Three-fold benefits of swimming seen for kids with asthma.
FDA approves under-tongue tablets for dust mite allergy.
AllergyEats names top 10 allergy-friendly restaurant chains.

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Pollen’s Pitfalls ­ From lethargy to sleep disorders and even brain fog, seasonal allergies can pack a punch well beyond the sniffles.

The Pretenders Allergy chefs Joel and Mary Schaefer do creative ingredient swapping to put diner favorites back on your menu.

GF World HQ ­ Welcome to Finland, which has the world’s highest rate of celiac disease – and a matching phenomenal level of accommodation.

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