Allergic Living Fall 2006 Cover

Fall 2006


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Allergic Living Fall 2006 Cover

  • Off to College with Allergies: A special report – how students cope, and are institutions adapting? [Read more]
  • Spotlight: CBC’s Shelagh Rogers on this “wheaty world”. [Read more]
  • Pets, kids and allergies: New research leans in favour of Fido.
  • Perfume for the Scent Sensitive [Read more]
  • Ask the Allergists: about allergies and anxiety; mould in the fall; sunflower oil and the shea nut.
  • Teen Talk: A candid discussion of allergy awareness at school; parties and peer pressure. [Read more]
  • Food: Hearty and safe meals: from vegetarian manicotti to braised short ribs.
  • Hot Topics: Laurie Harada ponders what’s fair to expect of the non-allergic.
  • Allergy News: Get on the BioBus; back-to-school asthma; and a celiac pill?
  • Healthy Home: The “green + clean” renovation with bamboo floors, VOC-free cabinets.
  • Parting Shots: A 10-year-old’s harrowing tale of anaphylaxis.