Allergic Living Spring 2006 Cover

Spring 2006


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Allergic Living Spring 2006 Cover

  • The Hayfever Handbook From the culprits to the best prevention strategies and medication options. [read more]
  • The Sneeze-Free Garden A must-have guide.
  • The Kiss and Christina Desforges She became known as the girl who died from a peanut kiss. But what really happened?
  • Teen Tragedies An Allergic Living investigation shows why teens are at such high risk.
  • Allergy News: Chinese herbs show promise; airline food concerns; debating “peanut-free” stadiums.
  • Ask the Allergists: about allergy shots, allergens in the deep fryer, springtime asthma and anti-sperm antibodies.
  • Food: Awesome Asian recipes for the allergic. [read more]
  • Natural Beauty: 8 great spring things; “train wreck” scalps; hair-removal products reviewed.
  • Hot Topics: An “upside” to a son’s allergies?
  • The Healthy Home: Spring clean without irritating chemicals.
  • Parting Shots: A 7th grader’s first-class allergy study.