Allergic Living Spring 2009 Cover

Spring 2009


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Allergic Living Spring 2009 Cover

  • Food Allergy Backlash: Anaphylaxis advocates accused of “nut hysteria” in the media and medical journals. [Read more]
  • Pollen-Fruit Cross-Reactions: Raw fruits or veggies make your mouth itch and burn and itch? Spring hay fever is likely the cause. Plus: a chart on cross-reacting fruits, vegetable, spices and more.
  • A Life Without Fruit: Living with oral allergy syndrome. [Read more]
  • Immune-Boosting, allergy-safe recipes: include Watercress and Pea Soup, Shiitake and Bean Power Salad; Super Citrus Chicken and Blueberry Compote.
  • Asthma in Springtime.
  • Celiac Disease: Pure oats open doors for the gluten-free.
  • Allergy news: “Ming’s Law” on restaurants and allergies passes; AL airlines campaign update [Read more]; Starbucks reaction raises questions; allergists object to B.C. changes on naturopaths. [Read more]
  • Breathing Space: The Lung Association on 3rd hand smoke perils. [Read more]
  • Columns: Ask the Allergists, Gluten-free Girl and more. [See Columns]
  • Parting Shots: The boy who couldn’t find daycare.