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Teacher Helping Students with an Assignment

Schools Survey Shows Gaps in Teachers’ Ability to Give an Epinephrine Shot When Needed

Many schools don’t have a full-time nurse, yet teachers aren’t permitted to use auto-injectors.

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Bathroom Scales

Obesity Associated with Allergies in Girls, But Not Boys

Obesity may have a greater impact on girls than it does boys when it comes to the development of atopic disease, suggests data presented at the 2017 AAAAI meeting in March. Researchers surveyed 113 children at an urban university hospital about their history of allergic rhinitis, eczema, asthma, food allergies and other markers of atopic […]

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Under-Tongue Drops Therapy Shows Promise for ‘Sustained Unresponsiveness’

Small number of patients were able to eat handfuls of peanuts after SLIT.

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