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Allergy Shots Safety Confirmed in New Study That Calls Proposed Rules into Question

Allergy shots study proves safety, author suggests tough new rules would hinder patients’ access.

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Allergy Shots at Risk Due to Proposed Rule Changes: Allergists

AAAAI is campaigning with a petition against the changes.

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Recap: The #Allergyready Back-to-School Twitter Party

Back to school can be a time of heightened stress. Here’s a wealth of resources from the allergists and others who attended our Twitter party

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5 Reasons Patients Shun Critical Food Allergy Testing

Allergist Dr. Scott Sicherer decided to find out why.

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LEAP Study Prompts New Peanut Introduction Guidelines for Physicians

The recommendations aim to help physicians implement LEAP findings while formal guidelines are still in the works.

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All About Asthma-2

Wide Testing of Asthma Kids for Peanut Allergy Is Wrong, Say Allergists

Allergists say children with asthma shouldn’t be tested for peanut allergy routinely.

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Recap: 2015 Spring Allergies Twitter Party

It was a rough winter for many, but spring has finally arrived. With it comes the promise of sun, beautiful plants, and unfortunately, a whole host of seasonal allergies. What new treatments are available? How can you keep your asthma under control during asthma season? What is oral allergy syndrome and when is it severe? […]

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OIT More Successful in Babies, New Study Finds

Testing OIT in such a young population has never been done before, but results show that it’s worth it.

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LEAP Study: Reality Check

The release of the LEAP study’s findings that having at-risk infants consume peanut protein can, in a majority of cases, teach the immune system tolerance and prevent allergy has led to some confusion. In light of questions that have followed the AAAAI meeting announcement of these results, we turned to the experts to address two […]

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Key Points from the LEAP Study Authors

The LEAP study, which found that feeding peanut to young infants with heightened allergy risk reduces the odds that a peanut allergy will develop by 70 to 80 percent, involved in-depth research on hundreds of children from infancy to 5 years of age. The results were published in The New England Journal of Medicine. Key points […]

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