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Allergic Living Fall 2008 Cover

Fall 2008

Why Allergies Now: A special report investigates the explosion of allergies and asthma, and how environment is implicated. [Read more] Schools that Breathe: Smart schools are taking a fresh approach to air quality in the classroom. Extra: Questions to ask the School. [Read more] Off to (Gulp!) Kindergarten: from anxiety to self-education in as the food […]

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Allergic Living Summer 2008 Cover

Summer 2008

The Asthma All-Stars: Young athletes smash the stereotype of the asthmatic as wimpy and wheezy.  [Read more] The Food Allergy Deniers: Many adults take big chances with life-threatening allergies. Why do they do it? [Read more] Healthy Home: Expert Stephen Collette on keeping cool without the AC. Safer Swimming Pool: Chlorine-free is easier on the […]

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Allergic Living Winter 2008 Cover

Winter 2008

The Air Inside: A special report on the toxic stew of gases, dust and mould in our homes. [Read more] Healthy Home: Formaldehyde – the biggest indoor offender. Have Kitchen, Will Travel – Our guide to travel with food allergies. [Read more] Allergy-Friendly Recipes: Lamb Stew with Dumplings, Turkey Meatloaf, Smoky Ham and Split Pea Soup, […]

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Fall 2007

Fall 2007

Back to School & Work with Allergies Special Food in the Class: A swing to nutrition holds good news for allergic students.[Read more] Sabrina’s Law Checkup: Interview with Dave Levac, the law’s author. Scent-free Workplace: The law gives rights to the scent-sensitive. [Read more] Asthma Spike: Is your child a post-Labour Day statistic? [Read more] Allergy-Friendly Recipes: […]

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Allergic Living Summer 2007 Cover

Summer 2007

Killer Air: Why asthma needs its own green revolution. [Read more] Ask the Allergists: latex allergy in children; sweat and eczema; prevention in the “mildly” food allergic; and fear around food or insects. Grass Attack: Contending wtih summer’s main pollen allergen. [Read more] Multiple Food Allergies: Their baffling rise, and life with 3 or more allergies.[Read more] […]

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Allergic Living Spring 2007 Cover

Spring 2007

Fear of Food: An indepth examination of the psychological toll of anaphylaxis.[Read more] Ask the Allergists: oral food allergies, asthma at the hot springs, ‘may contains’ in class, a bad case of hay fever, mystery reactions to wine. The Crisis in Asthma Control: Why are asthmatics avoiding their meds and living half lives? [Read more] Allergy […]

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Allergic Living Winter 2007 Cover

Winter 2007

Protecting Baby: The new thinking on allergy and asthma prevention. [Read more] Ask the Allergists: about testing the resisting child; hives from the cold; and is it ezcema or nickel allergy? Athletes vs. Asthma: How Susan Auch and other champions excel, despite this condition. [Read more] Spotlight: Dr. Scott Sicher on what parents need to know […]

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Allergic Living Fall 2006 Cover

Fall 2006

Off to College with Allergies: A special report – how students cope, and are institutions adapting? [Read more] Spotlight: CBC’s Shelagh Rogers on this “wheaty world”. [Read more] Pets, kids and allergies: New research leans in favour of Fido. Perfume for the Scent Sensitive [Read more] Ask the Allergists: about allergies and anxiety; mould in the fall; […]

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Allergic Living Summer 2006 Cover

Summer 2006

Summer Smog and Asthma: Investigating new research into the link between traffic pollution and the disease. [read more] Spotlight: Kim Koeller, author and world traveller with allergies and celiac disease. [read more] Judging a Can by Its Cover: Canada readies new food labeling rules. [Read more] Food: Get grilling! Superb and “safe” barbecue classics. [Read more] Allergy News: […]

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Allergic Living Spring 2006 Cover

Spring 2006

The Hayfever Handbook From the culprits to the best prevention strategies and medication options. [read more] The Sneeze-Free Garden A must-have guide. The Kiss and Christina Desforges She became known as the girl who died from a peanut kiss. But what really happened? Teen Tragedies An Allergic Living investigation shows why teens are at such high […]

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