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Child’s Best Friend: The Dog Unleashed as the Surprising Allergy Preventer

Want to protect your child against allergies? Increasingly science is saying: get a dog, and get it early.

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More Evidence of Protective Effect of Early-Life Dog Exposure

Researchers learn more about the protective effect to allergies granted by early-life dog exposure.

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Sucking Baby’s Pacificier May Halt Allergies. Yes, Really.

A study finds that parents who “cleaned” pacifiers with their own saliva exposed their babies to important microbes.

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Allergic Living Winter 2007 Cover

Winter 2007

Protecting Baby: The new thinking on allergy and asthma prevention. [Read more] Ask the Allergists: about testing the resisting child; hives from the cold; and is it ezcema or nickel allergy? Athletes vs. Asthma: How Susan Auch and other champions excel, despite this condition. [Read more] Spotlight: Dr. Scott Sicher on what parents need to know […]

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