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North Carolina Teenager Dies from Food Allergy Reaction

Food allergy tragedy has struck a young person again. Morgan Elizabeth Crutchfield, 17, has died.

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simon katz

Teen Dies of Suspected Anaphylaxis After Eating Peanut Snack at School Bonfire

Simon Katz, 16, of Littleton, Colorado had been celebrating homecoming.

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Andrea Mariano

First-Year College Student Dies of Severe Allergic Reaction

Andrea Mariano, 18, had just moved from home to attend university.

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Families File Suits After Losing Sons to Anaphylaxis

Teen Scott Johnson ate pancakes believing they were dairy-free. After eating he suffered deadly anaphylaxis.

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4th Young Man Dies of Food Allergy Causes

Edward Horan, 24, succumbed to fatal anaphylaxis after being exposed to his known, but unidentified, food allergen.

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Lawsuit Filed in Tragic Peanut Allergy Death

The parents of Natalie Giorgi, who died of an anaphylactic reaction to a bite of peanut, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Lessons From a Teen Food Allergy Tragedy

Thirteen-year-old Natalie Giorgi was camping with a group of families in Sacramento, California on July 27, 2013 when she ate a single bite of a Rice Krispies square. The peanut-allergic teen thought it tasted “funny”, and spat it out. The taste turned out to be peanut butter. At first Natalie didn’t show any symptoms and […]

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Utah Boy Dies from Anaphylaxis

An 11-year-old boy becomes the fourth young person to die of food anaphylaxis in the past 2 months.

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Prison Allergy Death Sparks Investigation

Update January 2013: Many Allergic Living readers expressed concern about the death in prison of Michael Saffioti, a Washington State man with severe dairy allergy and asthma. In early January, the Snohomish County Prosecutor made the decision not to lay any charges, based on a 400-page report compiled by the County Sherriff’s Office. The report […]

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Sabrina’s Law: The Girl and the Allergy Law

Originally published in Allergic Living’s Spring 2005 edition. In the radio documentary she made, Sabrina Shannon, just shy of 10, holds the microphone in front of her mother and asks what it’s like to have a daughter with allergies. Then she adds: “Do you think I’m beautiful?” With mock earnestness, Sara Shannon replies, “I think […]

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