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Simon-Pierre Canuel suffered an anaphylactic reaction and fell into a coma after being served salmon instead of steak. Photo: Radio-Canada

No Criminal Charges for Quebec Waiter over Man’s Severe Allergic Reaction

Customer with a life-threatening fish allergy was served salmon dish.

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Waiter Arrested After Diner Suffers Near-Fatal Allergic Reaction

A waiter could be facing criminal charges after a man suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction to seafood at a restaurant.

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Big Rise in Emergency Hospital Visits for Food Allergy Anaphylaxis Seen in Study

Trips to emergency department for food anaphylaxis in kids doubled in 4 years.

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How Long Until Someone Starts to Feel Better After Food Allergy Anaphylaxis?

Q: I’m severely allergic to tree nuts and eggs and recently had a frightening anaphylactic reaction in which I had trouble breathing and became covered in hives. I used my auto-injector, had a second dose in the ambulance and required a third dose at the hospital.  My question: how long does it take for someone’s […]

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Adult-Onset Food Allergies Video: Relearning How to Shop, Eat, Socialize

Have you or someone you know had a severe food-allergic reaction as an adult, completely out of the blue? In this webinar produced for FARE, Allergic Living’s editor Gwen Smith delves into the details of living with adult-onset food allergies. From the steep learning curve over how to eat and socialize safely, to the confusion of friends […]

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Peanut Patch Trial: My Allergic Son and I Brave Anxiety and the Unknown

Food allergy advocate Lianne Mandelbaum shares her powerful story of braving anxiety and the unknown with her son Josh during the peanut patch trial study.

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Man With Peanut Allergy Dies After Eating ‘May Contain’ Chocolate

Bruce Kelly was 22 and had become lax about label warnings, his mother said.

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Cell Discovery May Answer Who’s at Risk of Severe Allergic Reaction

A cell that produces an inflammatory immune protein may amplify anaphylaxis.

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Chef Amanda Freitag Speaks Up for Food Allergy Awareness

The popular chef’s video about having an anaphylaxis action plan.

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Recall in Canada for 2 Lots of Allerject Auto-Injectors

More than 3,000 auto-injectors were recalled in Canada due to a manufacturing defect.

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