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Child’s Best Friend: The Dog Unleashed as the Surprising Allergy Preventer

Want to protect your child against allergies? Increasingly science is saying: get a dog, and get it early. -From Allergic Living magazine’s Winter 2014 edition. PAMELA Phillips grew up with allergies but that didn’t stop her family from owning low-shedding dogs when she was younger. “I never really had allergies to our dogs,” she recalls. As an adult […]

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High Fiber Diet May Reduce Asthma Symptoms

A new study suggests that eating a high-fiber diet may help reduce lung inflammation associated with asthma.

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Asthma Linked to Electromagnetic Fields

A new study has found a connection between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and asthma – and could reignite the controversy about the safety of electronics and power lines. Lead study author Dr. De-Kun Li followed pregnant women and their children for up to 13 years to assess the possible effects of magnetic fields on health. The women wore […]

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Allergic Living Winter 2007 Cover

Winter 2007

Protecting Baby: The new thinking on allergy and asthma prevention. [Read more] Ask the Allergists: about testing the resisting child; hives from the cold; and is it ezcema or nickel allergy? Athletes vs. Asthma: How Susan Auch and other champions excel, despite this condition. [Read more] Spotlight: Dr. Scott Sicher on what parents need to know […]

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Should We Ban Smoking in Cars with Children?

The town of Wolfville, Nova Scotia grabbed headlines last fall when it banned smoking in cars that are carrying children under the age of 18. Today, many Canadians are talking about this burning issue, and The Lung Association has launched a campaign to lobby for smoke-free family cars in every province and territory. To date, […]

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Is Tylenol Safe for Infants and Babies?

A study of more than 200,000 children around the world has left many parents of babies skittish about using fever-reducing drugs, such as Tempra and Tylenol. The study, released in late September, concludes that infants given acetaminophen may be at risk for developing asthma later in childhood. However, a leading Canadian pediatric allergist says acetaminophen […]

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