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Woman using asthma inhaler

Third of Adults Told They Have Asthma, Don’t Have It, Study Finds

The study raises serious questions about how doctors are identifying the condition.

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Pregnant woman reading label on prenatal vitamin bottle in pharmacy

Heartburn Pills In Pregnancy May Up a Child’s Chances of Getting Asthma

Why you may need to think twice about taking heartburn medication during pregnancy.

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AL_US COVER Winter 2017

The Good Bugs: Replacing the Microbes that Baby Misses in a C-Section Delivery

Following is an excerpt from “The Good Bugs” in the Winter 2017 issue of Allergic Living magazine. The magazine is available at Barnes & Noble (or Indigo in Canada). Editor’s Note: The first part of the magazine’s article discusses what microbes are and how important they are in our bodies, and how those who used […]

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Teens with Asthma More Likely to Smoke, Survey Shows

Asthmatic teens turning to cigarettes due to anxiety and curiosity.

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Adrian Martineau 8 3 Dec 2009 ULU

Vitamin D Supplements Could Cut Risk of Severe Asthma Attacks

Pills seen to halve bad asthma attacks, improve symptoms and lead to fewer hospital visits.

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Fending Off Unexpected Asthma Triggers Key to Successful College Initiation

Arriving at college for freshman year, no matter how well prepared, can lead to some unexpected surprises.

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Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 01.00.58

Climate Change Could Cause Ragweed Allergies to Double

An increase in the number of people with allergic hay fever caused by ragweed pollen will increase with climate change.

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Hans Michael Haitchi  3

Rogue Protein May Curb Asthma

New research into the workings of a rogue protein made by the ADAM33 gene may lead to asthma inhibitor medicines

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Malcolm Sears

$74 Million AllerGen Network Aims to Press Ahead with Research

A 10-year Canadian research effort confirmed to receive government funding until 2019.

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How to Take Control of a Horse Allergy

Q. My daughter loves horseback riding, but has developed an allergy to horses, which ranges from congestion and eye symptoms to even sometimes hives on her hands if she touches a horse. Is there any therapy that would help? Dr. Bassett: The conundrum is to have your daughter enjoy her pastime of riding and still […]

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