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After Anaphylaxis: Helping a Child Overcome Allergy Fears

“That candy made my mouth feel funny,” said my then 6-year old, Daniel. With a look of worry, he handed me the wrapper from a mini package of chewy candies. The next 15 minutes were a blur as I injected him with epinephrine and we sped to the emergency room in the back of an ambulance. When we got home late that […]

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Feature-Dr. Sicherer

When is a Child Old Enough to Self-Inject?

Dr. Sicherer advises on when to prepare a child to administer an auto-injector in an emergency.

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The Nanny Nightmare, Pt. 2

Samantha Yaffe’s frank take on motherhood with allergies Almost two years ago, I wrote a bit about my absent-minded nanny who I felt I was stuck with for life on account of allergizing myself out of the “good nanny” market. In my painstaking efforts to find a new one to better meet my family’s complicated […]

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Traveling Without the Kids

Samantha Yaffe’s frank take on motherhood with allergies. It’s February, the dead of winter. The gloom is in full effect and I’m desperate for something to keep my spirits afloat. Then it dawns on me: Honey is turning 40 in less than a year. This is the perfect excuse to book a fabulous trip we […]

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