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Dr. Xiu-Min Li of Mount Sinai Medical Center at her lab in New York, on April 20, 2011. Li has been studying Chinese herbal therapy for food allergies and eczema. (Robert Caplin/The New York Times)

Dr. Li and Her Chinese Herbal Remedies

Can Dr. Xiu-Min Li overcome the skeptics to create a sanctioned therapy for food allergy and eczema?

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Chinese Herbs for Food Allergy: 2 Success Stories

Allergic Living columnist Gina Clowes recently interviewed Dr. Xiu-Min Li about the work she’s doing with butanol-purified FAHF-2, or B-FAHF-2. Gina’s full interview for her Allergy Moms e-letter is here.  Below, we share Dr. Li’s words to Gina about two of her patient successes. Gina Clowes: Would you share a few success stories with your […]

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