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non gut celiac symptoms

When Celiac Disease is Not All in the Gut

The fainting began in high school. Vanessa Oakley would be watching TV or studying – and then, she’d get to her feet and wake up on the floor. She would tell herself “I got up too fast,” or, “maybe I need to eat something.” She was too shy and reserved to ask for help and […]

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15 Big Celiac Questions Resolved: From Symptoms to Gluten-Free Diet Issues

From recurring symptoms to supplements and gluten-free diet solutions, three experts weigh in on our readers’ celiac questions. This article was first published in Allergic Living magazine. MAYBE you have just been diagnosed with celiac disease, or maybe you were diagnosed several years ago. You’ve been told what it is so many times, you can […]

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Celiac’s Evolution: The Mind-Boggling Rise of Non-Gut Symptoms

The Robbins: Chris, Betsy and daughter Izzy. From Allergic Living magazine; to subscribe click here. ON a crisp October morning in 2014, Betsy Robbins waited impatiently in the hospital recovery room with her still-groggy husband, who 30 minutes earlier had undergone an intestinal biopsy. She looked up, expectant, when the gastroenterologist entered the room. “Your husband either has intestinal cancer or […]

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Why Are So Many Celiacs Getting Glutened?

First published in the Fall 2014 edition of Allergic Living magazine. SHE looked down at her stomach in shock and disbelief. While April Marlow-Ravelli was one month pregnant, her belly was suddenly protruding as if she was six months along. Round and hard, her stomach was also in so much pain that she was having trouble breathing. With […]

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Glutened? What to Do.

There’s that dreaded tingling on your skin, your head is starting to pound and your insides feel fit to burst. Despite your best efforts, you’ve been glutened. But is there a way to minimize the misery? Dr. Joseph Murray, a gastroenterologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, offers some do’s and a definite don’t: […]

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Non-Classic Symptoms of Celiac Disease on the Rise

Researchers say that diarrhea should be no longer regarded as the cardinal symptom of celiac disease.

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Q&A with Celiac Expert Dr. Joseph Murray

The Mayo Clinic’s celiac guru talks about going gluten-free, who should screen for celiac, and his new book.

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Celiac Patients Getting Poor Follow-up Care

A recent Mayo Clinic study finds that 65 percent of celiac disease patients do not receive adequate long-term care following their diagnosis.

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