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Allergy-Friendly, Gluten-Free Holiday Recipes

Whether it’s a formal gathering or an intimate family dinner, these delicious recipes are perfect for celebrating the holidays with food allergies or celiac disease. The rest of the family will be thankful for them, too. All recipes are free of gluten and the top allergens. Main Dishes: Braised Pork Loin with Apples and Pumpkin […]

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GF Ancient Grains

A Fresh Take on Ancient Grains

The term “ancient grains” has no official definition, but it’s quickly become a catchphrase among food manufacturers for cereal grains (seeds of grasses) and pseudograins (seeds of non-grass plants) that have remained unchanged for millennia. We enjoy them today just as Incan, Aztec and African civilizations have for thousands of years, with full nutrition intact. But […]

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Dining Out

Step-by-Step Guide to Dining Out with Food Allergies

Missing out on great restaurant evenings with friends? Learn how you, too, can indulge.

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Allergic Living’s Guide to Smart Dining with Food Allergies

In a few short years, there have been huge strides in restaurant awareness of allergies and intolerances. Welcome to the brand new era of dining out safely.

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The Joy of Preserves

On a warm July day, my friend Jeanne and I stand side by side, in companionable silence. She and I are slicing strawberries, the juices staining our fingers red. The tips of our knives click on the cutting board. One more topped and sliced, ready. We are making jam. Jeanne has come to my home […]

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The Bliss of Eating in Season

Before I went gluten-free, I cooked according to recipes. If the pasta dish in a cookbook called for tomatoes, I bought tomatoes, no matter what the season. Now, I can’t believe I ever bought pale tomatoes with no real flavour in January. When I found out I could no longer eat gluten, I found real […]

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The Diagnosis: Life After Bread

Yes. When my doctor told me that I had celiac disease, I said it out loud – yes! Not the typical reaction, I know. Most people, when told they must live without gluten, begin grieving right away. Imagine being told that never again can you eat gluten – the elastic protein in wheat, rye, and […]

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Falling in Love with Food

After years of physical suffering and not knowing what was wrong with me, I had been ecstatic to find the food that loved me back. Blessed with a website that helped people, as well as a new career in food writing, I had found my life in food. And then, almost a year to the […]

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The Hunger To Change Food Service

At the end of our honeymoon in the Italian countryside, my husband Danny and I were filled with contentment. The days had been languid and gorgeous, with our laughter echoing off surrounding hillsides. And the meals? In the land of pizza and pasta, I ate free of gluten without any trouble, day after day. People […]

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Symptoms of Celiac Disease in Children

From the Allergic Living magazine archives. Janet Smith was sure she wasn’t overreacting. Her 18-month-old daughter Heather had terrible symptoms: she was throwing up eight times a day, her stomach was bloated, and her diapers needed to be changed constantly. The pediatrician had told Smith it was the stomach flu. “But how long does stomach […]

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